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    The Problem With No Specific Dungeon Order

    Your point is completely valid. I'm not sure how they could manage to have a game get progressively harder, which I personally would prefer, when there is no set order to the dungeons.
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    Does Anyone else Want a 50+ Hour Game?

    I would like a 50+ hour game as long as the content is solid content throughout all 50+ hours. If its just going to be a waste of time or pointless side quests (don't get me wrong, i love side quests, just not boring/lackluster ones.) If the creators can manage to create a wonderful game and...
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    General Zelda Popular Dungeons You Dislike

    Stone tower temple from Majora's Mask was one I really, really disliked. Not sure why, but it sticks out in my memory. Another is the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time. It was too linear for my liking. Finally, I'm not sure if this is a popular one people like, but Lanayru Mining Facility...
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    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 46!

    Just Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, only ones I could do.
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    General Zelda What Characters Could Quailify As a Possible Hero?

    Sheik. Or that Pippit guy from Skyward Sword, he seemed like he could do the job. Or Groose, that'd be cool.
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    General Zelda Your First Impression on the Zelda Series?

    My first game was Wind Waker, and all I could think, from then on, from that game to every game I have played since, was "man, I wish this was my life." I was so incredibly impressed by the idea of the game, and so fascinated with Link and his adventures. I just hoped some day I would get to...
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    General Zelda Dungeons in Quantity or in Size?

    I'd rather have 6 or 7 good length, not too short but not too long, challenging dungeons. That is my idea of a perfect dungeon concept.
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    General Zelda Best Soundtrack

    Skyward Sword takes it for me! I loved how the whole soundtrack was orchestrated- It was just BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish that i could download every song onto my iPhone, but i'm not sure if I could. Other than SS, Wind Waker has some of the best songs too! Not necessarily the songs played on the actual...
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    General Zelda What Has Happened To the Trading Sequence?

    In WW I believe you actually get the magic armor from the man who works at the shop in Windfall Island, which I did find to be pretty rewarding for the final battle. And also, I really would like to see them make a come back! Maybe not timed like OOT because then it is just a fetch quest, but...
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    General Zelda What Music from Any Zelda Game is Your Favorite?

    Almost all of the music from Skyward Sword, I loved that it was orchestrated. Zelda's Lullaby in specific is my favorite. I also enjoyed the Wind God's Aria, and Earth God's Lyric from Wind Waker, along with the Dragon Roost Island theme, and Molgera's theme. Along with many other songs, of...
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    Zelda Boss Ideas for Zelda Wii U

    I want to see bosses that progressively use all of the elements from the game. Say in the first dungeon, it is a fire dungeon, so the boss for that dungeon uses fire elements and the weapon you got in that dungeon. Say in the third dungeons you've done the fire, ice, and water dungeons, so the...
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    General Zelda LOZ Monster: Like Likes

    My theory is that they are a misnomer, something named the exact opposite of what it really is. It's called a "Like Like" because no one likes them, they are actually very disliked.
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    A Link Between Worlds Dungeon Themes You Would Like To See In Zelda 3DS

  14. winterbbytumblr

    Top 5 Zelda Overworlds

    5. Minish Cap- i felt it was worth exploring 4. Ocarina of Time- it was really fun discovering new things 3. Majoras Mask- it was so much fun going back through all the places multiple times 2. Skyward Sword- If i got bored when playing it I would always just go to the different islands or...
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    Biggest Badass In Skyward Sword

    I'm gonna say Demise, seeing as how he is the creator of all evil Link beholds in his multiple lives..
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