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Wielder of Aegis
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  • Oh just forget about it, no one goes there anymore. And besides, I am quitting the ACC and the Challenges. I will invest that time doing something else. :P
    Lol, isn't your cherry a bit too tall? haha If you want eight feet I guess I can say he had some Giant blood in him. :lol: XD
    Oh, cool! I'll check it out sometime soon when I get the chance! ^^ I'm actually gearing up to write a book myself.

    Hm, well fair enough. XP
    twenty one, my good old Wielder of Aegis. That is, if you can believe me. :P
    Also, join my site. ^^
    Helloo! How are you today? La la la la ! I'm happy for no apparent reason...:D :D :D :)
    I'll get to reading that soon, I had like twenty messages in my inbox lolz, so I was responding to some. :P
    Yes!! I am back and willing to stay forever!! I have a new pc, so now I wont have to ask my brother if I can use his when I am back in Ks. Nothing much is up, just that I will be doing some babysitting for a while lol. Not that it is bad, I love taking care of my sister's kids, it is easy peasy and I will be earning some coin for it. So, have you updated your fan fic?
    Oh, wait. saw the "Percy Jackson Fans" group thing. that's cool. i should join...
    Dude i just read that thing above ur avatar that said ur location is "cabin 3 at camp half-blood" and ur user title is "Son of Poseidon." One question: You read "The Lightning Thief" too!!! (Not a question really) I just finished that book today, and it was awesome!! did u read the others?
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