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    Women should be able to do what men can do because women are equal to men. The only difference is men have ding dongs and women have... You should know.
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    2012... End?

    It's all bull. Have you read the bible? It's boring. Don't buy that authors books. Just my opinion. 9/11 was also a terrorist attack. I don't follow. And December 26, the planets line up EVERY year. Global warming is also a lie because the earths temp increases drastically then decreases...
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    Internet Issues, Drama, Bullying, Etc.

    The best thing to do is to ignore it because arguing over the Internet over petty things is ridiculous. I sound like such a hypocrite, I've trilled a troll before, then got trilled by the trolls troll friends.
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    The Scarlet Letter, a Prime Example of Reputation in Use, and Epic Fail

    Well, yes, I feel labeled. Not that people even care about the skull, it's just that it's wrong. I think the Mods (or whoever runs the site) should take it down and read a damn book (like the scarlet letter).lol. It's ridiculous.
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    You, sir, are an ignorant bastard and know nothing of religion. You also don't know the difference between extremists and the actual religion it's self. What you said is just as ridiculous as saying all Christians are racist hounds that are white supremacist who support the Nazi/Aryan party and...
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    The Scarlet Letter, a Prime Example of Reputation in Use, and Epic Fail

    Hmm. I didn't feel like reading the really long post you had, so I skimmed it and read the last paragraph.lol I don't like the reputation system on the site. I actually post good stuff sometimes and the reputation messages I get from other users don't really make sense and send them out of pure...
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    The way I look at it is that we all go to the same Heaven, same Hell, and we all believe in the same God (I'm talking about Christian, Jewish, Muslim). I can't really respect opinions otherwise because it's unequal. That's very disrespectful to some and in some way crooked and warped, although...
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    Zelda And Link

    We'll probably see something along the TP part of the timeline, I'm pretty sure Link diggities Zelda in ST, so it couldn't be in that timeline. Also, Link DOES kiss Zelda in AoL, but there are two Zeldas in that timeline too, so therefor, in that timeline, it will happen.lol I'm so confusing...
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    Skyward Sword: Majora Before the Mask?

    Majora's Mask was worn by a devilish ruler who wanted to destroy the Goddesses. You'll notice a lot of phallus in the stone tower area of the game because the Goddesses were unwanted in Termina.
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    The Scarlet Letter, a Prime Example of Reputation in Use, and Epic Fail

    I don't understand how it was a fail. The book portrayed how people rejected the black sheep and were too close minded and arrogant to see the wrongdoings of their ways. In other words, the brook pretty much shows why we shouldn't follow a society of certain reputation (well, religious reputation).
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    Link's House!

    Nintendo should put sidequest DLC in the wii shop channel.
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    In the classic, the wand was one of my favorite items, and the SS does everything the sword in the classic does, so... What was your point?lol. JK. I see your point, but it was done before well, doing it again couldn't hurt anybody. We aren't debating over whether we should have a wand instead??
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    What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?

    Why bring up a dead thread? No zombie threads D: I also think Nintendo should make Link customizable. Like what hair he could have and what skin he has, and earrings, etc. One thing you all forgot is that Hyrule is a European-esque country in northern parts of whatever world Zelda lives on...
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    BGM Skyward

    I want orchestrated music that sounds to epic to be true, pretty much the Zelda version of music.
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    Probably will be like the Dominion Rod or Magic Wand from the classic. My school parking lot says, "Hail Satan" on the ground in chalk. Can you fix it for me? I don't want to hail Satan. nono.
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