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  1. wedge47

    How Many People Are Going to Do This?

    Why didn't I think of that.... That would be amazing. Well... either that, or the water level theme from Super Mario 64...
  2. wedge47

    Favorite Racing Race in Zelda

    I was a big fan of the Snow Peak ruins race in TP. It was totally different than any of the other "races" in the Zelda games. There were multiple ways to go, and it was challenging. It's got my vote.
  3. wedge47

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    I always make farting noises when watching King Zora scoot himself over.
  4. wedge47

    Majora's Mask If You Could Add a Transformation Mask...

    I would make a Skull Kid mask that you could use to never get lost in the lost woods. I would also make a four swords mask, for Majoras Mask multiplayer action.
  5. wedge47

    A Zelda Crossover Spanding Time and Space....

    Super.... Zelda..... Galaxy..... Oh yeah!
  6. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Circus Leaders Mask

    Is there any possible way to get this before getting the Romani's Mask?
  7. wedge47

    Does Anyone Want to Play EVERY Legend of Zelda Game?

    I honestly don't care much to play the handheld ones. Links Awakening was good, and I did beat the Minish Cap. But Phantom Hourglass was a giant pile of suckage, and I imagine Spirit tracks is just as bad. Never played the Oracle games... I just find it too difficult to get into the hand held...
  8. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Collector's Edition Majora's Mask Tips

    Mine only froze on me once (so far)... I had just gone through the Woodfall temple, and did the butler race, when it froze up right at the end. I had to do all of that over again.
  9. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Why I Think Majora's Mask Will Be on the 3DS

    That MM trailer was freaking awesome. Just saying...
  10. wedge47

    Favorite Starting Sword?

    I would also go with the sword from ALTTP. What trumps a family heirloom? :)
  11. wedge47

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Looks like the majority wins here. Ancient Cistern for me as well. I especially loved the "dark" section at in the basement of it. Never saw that coming in a "water" temple.
  12. wedge47

    WW-Wii U Video Walkthrough

    ChuggaaConroy and NintendoCapriSun both have pretty good LP's of the WindWaker. Actually AngryPoncho is doing one now that's only 7 or 8 episodes in, and it's pretty good too so far. Of course... their LP's are more playthroughs than walkthroughs. It would be nice if ZD could get more...
  13. wedge47

    Favorite Zelda Soundtracks

    For this, I'll go with: 1. WindWaker 2. Ocarina of Time 3. Link to the Past 4. Skyward Sword 5. Twilight Princess
  14. wedge47

    A Possible Missed Opportunity with the Graveyard?

    A cave of ordeals type dungeon in the graveyard would have been great. But I too, noticed that there literally was no point to the graveyard other than getting to Batreaux's house. At least they put a light tear there that you needed to collect in that last trial.
  15. wedge47

    Favorite Creature

    Give me the Zoras any day. I love the zora areas in all of the Zelda games. Probably Twilight Princess the most though.
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