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  1. Vincent

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    What I'm really hoping for is an eventual merge between the three timelines, however that may happen, followed by the FUTURE events of the Legend of Zelda universe on that now single timeline.
  2. Vincent

    Nintendo Doing a Contest to Give Away 25 Demos of Skyward Sword+Regular Boxart

    Those damn Germans. Always one-upping me every chance they get. Wait... this is the first time. STILL, THAT DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING!
  3. Vincent

    Zelda Art OoT3D: A Wallpaper

    Well alright... While I'm at it, here are two for those of you with stone age resolutions: 1024x768 800x600
  4. Vincent

    Zelda Art OoT3D: A Wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper sized version of the new OoT3D art piece. I'm sharing it with the world. Here you go. Atatchment fail. Click here.
  5. Vincent

    WTF is Wrong with Tingle?

    How dare anyone out there make fun of Tingle after all he has been through! He lost his rupees, he went through a deception. He popped two balloons. His mentor turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now he’s going through a custody battle. All you people care about is….. maps and making fun...
  6. Vincent

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    The Last Failbender. It was the second portion of bad-movie night.
  7. Vincent

    Rare Selda's Soundtracks

    A former associate of mine, Alter, had ripped the soundtracks from all of the Tingle games. They were available for download on an old website of mine, Ordon Village. That site is now gone, however... So let it be known that Alter and myself may be the only two people in existance with these tracks.
  8. Vincent

    Majora's Mask Which Dungeon Do You Think Was Harder, the Great Bay Temple or the Water Temple (OOT)

    Oh dear... the Great Bay Temple was more difficult than the Water Temple on a colossal scale. The pipe system was extremely tedious, and dying and having to do it all over again was an absolute nightmare.
  9. Vincent

    Wind Waker Just Turned 8 Years Old. In Other News, Where is My Childhood?

    So basically, you just came here to advertise.
  10. Vincent

    Inuyasha Zelda Reference

    It's called the mitsu-uroko. I've seen it all over the place. The Legend of Zelda was not the first to use it. Djinn beat me to it, but anyway... Question answered, thread closed.
  11. Vincent

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Reaction when You First Entered the Forest Temple?

    At first I was like: and then I was like... AAA! Wolves! and then I was like... Bwaaa! Spydiz! but then I went inside and was like: You asked for reactions.
  12. Vincent

    Is It Worth Buying? People Who Have Experienced It Should Kno

    Mine's paid for in full. I'm planning to go to that gamestop midnight release. I wonder if I can just waltz past the line and go get it, then leave... and walk away with my trollface on.
  13. Vincent

    Spoiler What Happened to the King in OoT?

    When it comes to monarchical rule, 100 years between two major events really isn't that long of a time. With there being no king at the start of the AT, that would mean that Zelda obviously rose to power as Hyrule's queen. I suppose she could have found a mate worthy of royalty, and assuming...
  14. Vincent

    Is It Worth Buying? People Who Have Experienced It Should Kno

    You sir, are extremely misguided. Where have you gotten this information from? Also, what makes Washington any more real than anywhere else? If anything, they're out of their minds for saying those things. Only two remakes have been anounced so far, and don't expect many more. The 3DS is so...
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