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    I love metroyed i have prime1 &2
    Wow. What happened to you, Vergo? Have you sold your soul or what? And I thought you were a nice person... this is sad, very sad.
    Yeah, for me, it's not so much the graphics being "good" or "bad", it's just that there's so much **** going on once. It's like The Wind Waker on acid bred with Paper Mario or something. Link looks [relatively] realistic, but everything else is like.. WTF is going on? If it were just Cel-Shaded, that'd be great. When down properly, (and no, I will not point to the the Wind Waker, that cel shading was... ugly, in my opinion) Cel-Shading can be beautiful. This is like the expanding wave of melted acrylic is covering Hyrule.

    As I told Kazumi, my main concern with gameplay is it will be too much like a spin off or gimmick. With constant tips ( do this ******** motion with your hand, etc.) and not much about actual gameplay. I'll have to wait and see about that though, I could be completely wrong. But after these last few games (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks) everything feels like 'how much can we show off the new technology', without really showing it off.
    I feel I'm practically the only one who really doesn't like the way Skyward Sword is looking. And it's not just the graphics (I really enjoyed Borderlands, which was completely cell-shaded/coloured). I know it's still a bit early (there hasn't been a whole of images and what not of areas and levels) but it just looks so.. plastic and boring to me.
    Err... go ahead? Its not mine, I just found the gif when I was looking for pictures of Metroid. I thought it was an awesome image, so I put it in my sig :3
    Hey, that's not right. I deserve all the chicks. :cry:

    Agreed. He's like a white Barret. Prior to FFXIII coming out, he was the only character who really caught my eye. Actually he still is. He's a bad-***.
    Snow? Yeah I like his theme! It really fits his character. But, I like Fang's lol.
    Oh guess what. I decided to start a new level for the treasure hunter achievement. Its exhausting, but I am determined to get that theme!!!! :D How far are you in FFXIII?
    I approve of your avatar. Finally something cool that I can get behind instead of some blond girl who isn't even old enough for me to hit it. :)
    I know right? I never seen an online article that said Final Fantasy XIII's music wasn't the greatest.
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