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    (Spoilers) Save 3,000+ rupees and 30x (Bank Your WEAPONS?!)

    Hey guys whats going on its ya boi blah blah blah Go to Hateno Village starting at Myahm Agana shrine and turn left, theres this pink guy called Bolson. He has a construction company. And he sells you a house for 3k and weapon/shield/bow mounts for 100 rupees each (max of 3 each). So for you...
  2. Ventus

    Literally #2 by a fraction of a point. But i can honestly say that, gameplay wise, BotW has OoT...

    Literally #2 by a fraction of a point. But i can honestly say that, gameplay wise, BotW has OoT beat. I love OoT but its met its end as the best title in the series.
  3. Ventus

    I'm in love with this games fetch quests

    hello there's a nifty lil video game called dork solz on the market that spawned the absolutely epic GIT LE GUD XD meme. And BOTW as a result is called the Dark Souls of Legend of Zelda. Well, the thing is, BOTW has a lot of side quests that are fetchy in nature (grab me a million luminous...
  4. Ventus

    BOTW's combat problems

    Look the game is cool and all but it has some legitimate issues. 1) lack of enemy diversity leads to samey battles after the first six hrs of playtime 2) no enemy has a "Defense" stat which makes the weapon damage literally a function of subtracting however many hits you can get outta weapon...
  5. Ventus

    [SPOILERS] - The Plot of the Game...

    So did anyone feel disappointed by the plot of the game? Link got ****ed up because of an incompetent false-british and now he has to go back at it all again solo and play cleanup crew. The End. The Champions were an afterthought to Zelda both in story, in gameplay, and probably even at...
  6. Ventus

    Drop it

    Drop it
  7. Ventus

    Nintendo Switch - IS IT WORTH IT?!

    Hello, is the nintendo switch worth $299USD right now or should I wait. I want your opinions because you hae the Switch and I do not; I don't have a location that will let me demo it so honestly I just want your opinions. Thank you so much, don't forget to like and subscribe.
  8. Ventus

    Favorite Region in BotW

    Whats your favorite region in the game and why. My favorite is Akkala because of the godly scenery when it rains, and also because it houses a really good memory at the Shrine of Power. So tell me what your favorite region is.
  9. Ventus

    After BotW where can the series go?

    I mean the game is pretty much the best entry the 3D zelda (and 2D) ever made as of now. Will Nintendo fall to sequel degradation or what, because I legitimately can't see what they can do differently.
  10. Ventus

    So...what do you think so far?

    Post playtime, results, happenings since the game is officially released to the public. Me? I'm loving the game, it's still a 10/10 even on second playthrough but I'm finding really basic puzzles in shrines to be mind-boggling. I should get some rest. Playtime: 50 hours On new game about 7...
  11. Ventus

    TEMP SPOILERS - vs Calamity Ganon (two beast)

    This marks up my fight against Calamity Ganon. no damage against thunderblight and fireblight. This game is a must play, even just once through. Loveing every second.
  12. Ventus

    TEMP SPOILERS - Gameplay Notes on Hyrule Castle

    Hello, Hyrule Castle is the final dungeon but unlike the four other dungeons, the dungeon itself really is just a high level zone. And because of that, all weapon drops within - chests aside - respawn when you enter and exit. Take note because while the enemies hit hard, if you can dodge...
  13. Ventus

    Breath of the Wild Wii U [EU] v1.0.0- Technical Gripes

    Hello, I have played six hours of BOTW so far and the game is a **** ton of fun, it's literally as if they blended every western RPG ever made with Zelda. But there are massive technical gripes with the Wii U version as of v1.0 Frames Drops, Frame Drops Everywhere The game probably runs at a...
  14. Ventus

    Horizon Zero Dawn - First 17 Minutes in Glorious 4K

    Introducing: the Zelda Killer. Feast your eyes upon Horizon Zero Dawn by epithetic game creaters Gorilla Games in nothing except the most pristine of 4Ks. What are you're thots of HZD? Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Video courtesy of IGN.
  15. Ventus

    My problems with modern """games"""

    Yello, My priblems with modern games are as follows: 1) appearance over performance Every single one of these games - even zelda - keeps pushing appearance over performance. Im not a pcuck, I dont masterbate over 60 eff pee ess or whatever, but qhen the image constantly stutters and when the...
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