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    [SPOILER] Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapon Discussion

    Simply put, crying about muh wepunz braykin when you're repeatedly smashing a bronze tier weapon against what is essentially runite or full dragon doesn't make sense and is exactly what a noob would do. Go get some weapons that deal more damage and stop fighting every little thing that moves if...
  2. Ventus

    Is Breath of the Wild the greatest Zelda game ever?

    Yeah pretty much. Even though OoT is perfection, BotW is the best Zelda to release in the entire series (so far?)
  3. Ventus

    (Spoilers) Save 3,000+ rupees and 30x (Bank Your WEAPONS?!)

    Hey guys whats going on its ya boi blah blah blah Go to Hateno Village starting at Myahm Agana shrine and turn left, theres this pink guy called Bolson. He has a construction company. And he sells you a house for 3k and weapon/shield/bow mounts for 100 rupees each (max of 3 each). So for you...
  4. Ventus

    [SPOILER] Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapon Discussion

    Then explore Hyrule Castle and farm EoDs. The tools are there, noobs just don't use them. Champions do, however.
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    [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    Nbd fam we all make mikstizzles here and there. As for you, did you know that I actually brought my Nintendo Switch with me to work and am playing BotW instead of working, all on company time? LOL! SMD Wallyworld """competitor""". I found two respawning great flameblades and great frostblades...
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    I'm in love with this games fetch quests

    Mad hater detected
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    Literally #2 by a fraction of a point. But i can honestly say that, gameplay wise, BotW has OoT...

    Literally #2 by a fraction of a point. But i can honestly say that, gameplay wise, BotW has OoT beat. I love OoT but its met its end as the best title in the series.
  8. Ventus

    I'm in love with this games fetch quests

    hello there's a nifty lil video game called dork solz on the market that spawned the absolutely epic GIT LE GUD XD meme. And BOTW as a result is called the Dark Souls of Legend of Zelda. Well, the thing is, BOTW has a lot of side quests that are fetchy in nature (grab me a million luminous...
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    BOTW's combat problems

    Look the game is cool and all but it has some legitimate issues. 1) lack of enemy diversity leads to samey battles after the first six hrs of playtime 2) no enemy has a "Defense" stat which makes the weapon damage literally a function of subtracting however many hits you can get outta weapon...
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    Help a Zelda fan/content creator out

    Haha epic video dude, liked, commented, and subscribed.
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    [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    Can't recall where the dude posted but the hard cap for Stamina is two wheels (ten upgrades). Beyond that Hylia says that YOU'RE OVERFLOWING WITH VIGOR which is ****ing stupid. This Champion wants to ascend to Godhood.
  12. Ventus

    Collaseum Beast

    Solution 1: Explore Hyrule Castle from west side (cross the moat) and loot everything from the first two strata. Drop anything that isn't a Royal weapon (not royal GUARD, but Royal), or EoD. Return to coliseum and abuse flurry rushes. The Lynel is easy to bait, just stay within melee range...
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    [Spoilers] Help finding specific weapon

    I recall finding a scimitar near the northwest of the desert, just a tad bit west to the beginnings of the Yiga Clan Hideout but i dont remember if that was also in a chest or a respawning loot. At any rate once you find one just take a picture of it using the camera so you can track it using...
  14. Ventus

    [Spoilers] Help finding specific weapon

    Southeast of the desert there is the South Lomei Labyrinth. Its next to Champion's Gate and bleeds into Faron. there and open the treasure chests to get one. GLHF
  15. Ventus

    Can't get good ending

    pretty sure you don't need all main quests, just collect all memories.
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