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  • I am not a girl. :P

    I don't know who implied that. I searched the Shoutbox Archive and saw your shout: "Axle is a girl?"

    Just thought I'd say it. ;)
    Ah, really, you've been working out? Are you trying to impress the ladies perhaps? :D

    Yes, no SB makes knowlee very very cranky. :D Sometimes I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

    I'm doing fine. I'm trying to get myself back into the swing of school. Ugh, I hate getting up early in the mornings! >.<
    I remember Toons and Killswitch other than that I can't remember many others....they escape me, I think Hanyou may have been there as well but I doubt it.

    I know Guffey was a Super Mod there for a while as well but thats it....erm, Thinking of that other Admin is gonna bug me now :lol:
    I figured as much. Unfortunately, the Zelda communities tend to mix up what is fact and what is speculation, and me being very (overly so) picky, I only believe what has been proven. If it was true, it'd be great to actually find a source, though. :)
    Hello, Vash! I haven't talked to you in a while. So how has it been for you lately? :)
    ....:cooky: Bleh heh eheh! I saw your message Vash!
    as Miss Tetra already said, You should walk the Plank!
    ...But my civilised Gantlemanly side...has told me to pardon you...This time...heh heh heh
    Ah, Trigun....I have heard of it but I haven't really read many manga's.....I do watch a few animes but honestly it goes as far as Dragonball and 1-2 others.

    I really can't remember SCT either....I did hang around ZL quite a lot as well....suppose it was a while ago since Killswitch literally used his name on the site :(
    SCT? I'm not quiet sure who that is....I'm surprised I can't remember you....well, I sorta do but sorta don't :hmm: well, I can only remember Mases, Bomby, Swiftblade and Crazybrit from there anyway....not many :lol:

    Where did Vash come from anyway?
    Hey, wait...you were on the Zelda Legacy?....did you go by the same username or a different one? I'm not sure if I remember anyone being called Vash then :hmm: and erm...how are you?
    Right, Vash. Well, I'll be posting it up in the Outside world section when I have it done. I'll be getting busy with finishing it now, so I might be coming and going. ^^
    Lol, thanks. If it wasn't for that free template, I'd be in a deeper mess right now. Hopefully though, I'll have it done some time today or tomorrow.
    Hi, how are you doing? Ah...my web site, right. At the moment I have installed a free web template, and I am working on finishing the rest of it. I need to add the forums, the chat, the other pages beside the Main page and I still need to advertise it. So the answer would be no, I don't have much up yet, but if you want to take a look at it, you are welcomed to do so. I'll pm you a link to it. ^^
    Well, I don't even know what's going on with the SB. People aren't shouting in it!

    Currently, I am painting a massive picture of a massive Link-duel.

    Also, after having a weird crossover AIM roleplay with an old friend last night, and thinking about your username.... I think you ought to make your user title "Sage of Donuts." XD
    Actually I haven't done anything in the SB at all the last few days. Most of my posting has went towards a new MK forum that I joined too. This place has just been so up in the air as of late that is kinda like its almost dead, or stuck. So I come to check up on certain things but I don't hang around too long. I guess you could say because of all the recent stuff that's been going on, from the hackings to the SB being disabled to the public, I just don't feel as much like hanging around.

    But as for the SB, I think the main reason it was disabled was because people were spending more time chatting than actually coming here to post. So it got disabled. But yeah nobody really uses it anymore, even the people that can. Its just kinda dead.
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