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    Haha that's sweet! I really like the picture. :)
    PS- For some reason the thread isn't letting me directly reply to your post, but I'm looking into doing and original design of Princess Zelda for my cosplay. :) Thanks for asking. Are you into cosplay at all?
    Hey! So I noticed your avatar and think it's super cool. :) Is there a story behind it? Or was it just something fun to draw? xD
    lol no problem! Thanks for reporting them!! You have no idea how much reporting helps us!!
    i saw your papercraft there magnificent and i never use that word
    II got the shout box at 130 REP. But the shoutbox also depends on how long you have been on this site. I have been here for about a month more than you. You have decent amount of post count, it must be that you need to be a member for a while longer. When you see the following when you click Forum, you have the shoutbox. Just keep checking. ;)
    When you make a post, you have to have atleast thirty characters in your post, so people sometimes say "3000000000000" or "30303030303030303" to get rid of that message, since they do not have much to say.
    Thank you for making my pic. smaller! Means a lot to me!
    You can not trade yet, but they are going to release that soon. Also, purple dragons will gain fertility, which allows a better chance of getting the fertalised adult's species egg.
    How is the Secret of NIMH a tear jerker? > .> It is no were near Up's level. Regardless, those movies should still be rated higher than they are.
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