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  • It was fun shooting the gun, I hit the target everytime! It was also fun running through the lightning storm!! My Grandpa can run fast. But I got farther in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time! I'm now at the water temple!!:)
    Well we did alot!!!!!!!! We went to charlston and on the last day we were there some of my family and I ran thru thunder lighting and heavy rain. We were all soaked. But in the end it was really funny. But while we were in Gergoria I went to the gun range and shot one of my Grandpa's Guns.
    Well i'm now back from Gerogia and so far since i've came back I have just been playing Legend of Zelda non stop. It's weird.......
    Well I do watch my spelling errors right now because I was hoping to get my green box back and thanks for offering to help me ^_^
    Yeah here is what they put...

    1.Barely over the 50 char limit, and didn't add anything to the thread
    2.Bumping old help topics, that the OP will never see. Nice.
    3.Next time, use some periods.

    Aren't those the most stupidest comments you have ever read!
    Yeah I posted some responses and apparently someone didn't like them so they decided to say they were useless and got me that red box, but it won't get to me I will just wait for it to go back to green ^_^
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