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Unlucky Monkey
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  • Yeah I love that type of stuff. I go to an art university in Toronto, Canada and art like that which makes sense I really like....On the other hand, i HATE contemporary art LOL
    Oh well .__.

    Aber ich denke dass du eine sehr gut Mitglied heir. Und da gibt ein WHATEVER I CAN"T SAY THIS IN GERMAN

    What I mean to say is that you seem to a great member here, and there is a prize for being a good member, ya know ;)
    And I wanna see you get the prize, it'll be fun. SO KEEP IT UP OR ELSE :right:
    Ich wohnte in Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, aber ich ging zu eine Internationale Schule da, nicht eine deutsche Schule. Wohnst du in Deutschland jetzt?
    I wohne in die USA jetzt, und ich bin aus Indien. Aber ich habe für fünf Jahren in Deutschland gewohnen. Ich bin fast fließend in Deutsch, aber ich habe noch viele Fehler. Aber ich will das wir in Deutsch spechen, so ich kann meine Deutsch besser machen.
    Is that so? :P And not to seem rude or anything, just want to help you, you spell Finland as... Uhm... Finland. XD
    And thanks, I'll embrace all the good tips I get.
    If you're looking for beautiful places, go to Denmark. There's a place where two oceans meet, in Sweden we call it 'Grenen'. If I would translate it to english correct, it would probably be something like... The point? That is not an accurate translation, but that's how I would say it anyway.
    Well, thank you. I'll add you as a friend seeing how we 'connected' a little bit. ;P
    Oh, Sweden is a nice place. But I don't recommend coming here, there's probably nothing special at all here! XD
    You have a nice weekend too, and thanks, I'll try to make an excellent walkthrough! ;)
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