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    The fused shadow. Majora's armor?

    currently i am working on a Zelda animation that involves the game MM. while working on this i stumbled on something that yall may be interested in. Their is a theory going around that the fused shadow is linked to the same tribe that also created majora's mask. Their may be more Truth to...
  2. Ugea

    MM-3DS The In-Game Clock: Old vs. New

    When i 1st saw the screen shots of the new clock I thaught it would be annoying and take up space on the upper screen, I was hopeing the clock would be on the bottom screen. But recently i manage to get my hands on this hard to find game were im at ( i didnt want a digital copy). and im happy...
  3. Ugea

    Why make another Zelda?

    ive noticed that the zelda games that i liked best are the ones that are way different. im gona exempt Tp for this because it is my 1st zelda game that i have played and i enjoyed it. but it is nearly identical to OOT ( though i enjoyed TP Better) . the other 2 Zelda games that i really enjoy...
  4. Ugea

    Why make another Zelda?

    FACT. people have their different opinions, some people liked SS some didn't. that's ok i didn't like SS ether but it kinda grew on me when i played it again without taking it seriously, though its still a disappointing game, despite its flaws and i do hope Nintendo learned form their mistakes...
  5. Ugea

    PS Vita: The Forgotten System

    I think they handled it poorly. they did not even try. they did things for it in the 1st year for it. and made some bad decisions for it like the insane prices for the memory cards. over time they eventually just ignored it like the other things the Sony comes out with ( like the PS move)...
  6. Ugea

    Could Sony and Microsoft Survive Without 3rd Party Developers?

    im just referring to their X-box division and not the whole company. i fixed that explanation to what i wrote, because i forgot to add that in. i know Microsoft as a whole wont go under because of their console.
  7. Ugea

    Could Sony and Microsoft Survive Without 3rd Party Developers?

    Editing note: when talking about microsoft im only referring to their X-Box branch. not Microsoft as a whole. this is just a what if question. I know 3rd party Developers enjoy creating games for them, but in this thread im going to turn the tables on them. what if something so bad were to...
  8. Ugea


    I was playing Flatout on the Ps2. i got so mad at loosing ( thx to the dare devil car), one day i smashed my wrierless controller with my hands. I then glued it back together piece by piece. works good as new now lol. but recently Mario kart wii ( sometimes 8) has takes the cake of the most...
  9. Ugea

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U's Gigantic Overworld

    i noticed as they are ridding their were wild Horses running beside you. maby thats one of the ways their going to fill the world up. in an open world like this it would be tricky to make the world more full and busy, im shure their will be barren areas out side of towns. we will just have to...
  10. Ugea

    Your Opinion On Amiibos

    i think their too expensive for what you get. i herd 1 amibo has enough memory for just 1 game.
  11. Ugea

    Mario Kart 8 Discussion Thread

    i just got it. the only meh track was the excite bike track. I like what they did with the Hyrule track, changing the coins into rupies and other zelda sound efects when racing. the best track IMO is the FZero track. but the only thing i don't get is the sound effect for link's horn. it dosent...
  12. Ugea

    MM-3DS Saddest Moment in Majora's Mask

    so hard to choose. i think the part that made me really sad was the story with lulu.
  13. Ugea

    MM-3DS Happy Mask Salesman... Evil or Not?

    he might evil. i think he had something to do with the ancient tribe and majora.
  14. Ugea

    Lost Respect for Nintendo

    actually. i like the DLC in mario kart 8. it will be the 1st mario kart game to go beyond 32 tracks making the game replayability longer with possibly more to come. and i think the prices and what you get are fare.
  15. Ugea

    Misheard Lyrics

    Blinded by the light. its famous for having miss herd lyrics. just listen without looking at the lyrics.https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=OlBifX0H3yg
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