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  • Even if it isn't natural, then who the hell cares? Why are you so concerned with what other people do? If two men want to live together and marry and live their lives as a couple, why does it bother you so much? Let them make their own choices. Also, I defy the idea that two men or two women can't love each other because I have seen it with my own eyes. What sickens me is that anyone can condemn a love just because they don't understand it and instead cling to archaic out of date views on homosexuality. Humans are far from the only animal to practice it, and homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time, it's far from just curiosity gone wrong. And even if it is just a subset, why get so uptight about other peoples choices? I don't begrudge anyone for doing what makes them happy.
    Again, marriage has been many things. Throughout a lot of history polygamy was very common and still is in some places. Throughout a lot of history it was about property and politics and little to do with love at all. In many countries, gay marriage is legal today. The idea that only a man and women can share a special bond is absurd, I've met gay couples who put many straight couples to shame with the love and devotion they have for each other. I've seen many happy gay couples who love each other more then anything, and it's sad people with your mindset still exist in this world who would try to deny their love or make it out to be less then it is. Those couples certainly share more love and devotion then many of the straight couples I have seen which are rife with affairs and abuse. Obviously there are many great straight couples, and likewise with gay couples. It's time to come to the 21st century, love is love no matter what form it comes in. All love is beautiful.
    Oh no...you wouldn't want to do that. It might trigger a conspiracy theory involving a rap music video featuring Lady Gaga and a bunch of religious symbology... :rolleyes:
    I already sent a dozen of them to Ohio... I have no idea when they'll arrive, though; could take days...or weeks. [noparse];)[/noparse]
    How is it anything more then an injustice? It is denying a civil right to someone based solely on personal belief. If you are against gay marriage, you don't have to get gay married. Your church does not have to recognized the marriage, but that is no reason for you to deny other people that.
    Nitpick much? Our republic is founded on democratic principals, do I really have to explain that to you?

    And you know what, I don't think we should brush off the denial of civil rights as simply "not getting their way", that is nothing short of hateful and absurd. I will say this, gay marriage will happen. Every other western nation has it, the U.S. will too soon enough. Amazingly, Canada, England and other EU nations did not fall apart when Gay Marriage was legalized. What a concept, huh? They still have churches, the country isn't in flames, and everyone is going about their business just as they did before but a few more people are happier and afforded the same rights and privileges as straight couples. So no, just as I wouldn't come to terms with women not being allowed to vote or segregated schools I won't just lay down and "come to terms" with oppression.

    As one great man said; "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".
    You hurt my feelings... [noparse]:([/noparse]

    ...but you have a good taste in Zelda games. Here's some donuts:
    Heh heh... Great.

    Are you by any chance a fan of that song by Barbara Streisand that goes do, do do do do do do do?
    You do realize that the cornerstone of a free government is one that does not let religion influence it's policies, or they would violate the rights of others who do not follow said faith. So marriage has a religious background, so what? The MINUTE it becomes a state institution is the minute that any religious connotation is mute. Besides, marriage has not always been one man and one women. Even in the Bible it is one man and several women early on. The definition has never been the same. But it doesn't matter, because if it is a state institution, as it is now, then it is NOT religious because we are a democratic government NOT a theocracy. Banning gay marriage based on a religious notion is FASCISM and THEOCRATIC which is antithetical to all things free.
    You post in threads that have to do with homosexuality, be prepared to see opposing views. I don't shove 'gay pride' down anyone's throat, I don't have pride in being gay because I am not gay. I just ask that people don't perpetuate the infringement of other peoples civil rights just because of their own religious background or personal beliefs. Two gays getting married effects you in no way, so there is no reason to deny other people their own happiness and beliefs.
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