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    Do You Play a Musical Instrument?

    Well, I don't mean to brag, but I have a Masters Degree in playing the Kazoo. Seriously tho, I play the cello... I started way back in 5th grade. I am also learning how to play the viola :).
  2. TwilightDeku

    Hurricane Sandy is Our Fault Because We Play the Ocarina and Are Zelda Fans?

    You've got to be kidding me. -_- ITS A JOKE!
  3. TwilightDeku

    Funniest Part...

    Groose landing on the surface, it is the only time I actually laughed in SS.
  4. TwilightDeku

    Which Link is the Biggest Badass

    Shadow Link, no contest. Just look at him, red-eyes, dark armor, and some totally badass style. He can copy moves, and teleport. Because he is a copy of other Links, he has the same Badass-level as them but with a little extra because of his looks and style.
  5. TwilightDeku

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Coffee... then I head to school. So much for the most important meal of the day.
  6. TwilightDeku

    The Procrastination Thread!

    Takes too much time to reply. Will edit reply in later.
  7. TwilightDeku

    Would You Stop Playing the Legend of Zelda if Link Was Homosexual in the Next Game?

    Does it really matter what Link's sexual preference is? Link has really never been officially defined as straight or gay as far as my Zelda knowledge goes. I don't think it would have a big impact on the game either.
  8. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    Hey guys, sorry I have not been posting at all. I was in DC last week, and I was visiting with some of my family in Michigan this week. Tomorrow I am going to vegas. I will be back on thursday. Sorry for my lack of posts. Not all hotels have internet ):. Raindrop still has full control of my...
  9. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    I AM A DWARF AND I'M DIGGING A HOLE! DIGGY DIGGY DWARF! DIGGY DIGGY HOLE! Lothar: *Is too busy looking at the drill to talk to the dwarfs* Lothar: *Thinking* "Amazing... this thing seems to be able to cut through solid rock. It looks ridable too. I must know how it works... but the mission...
  10. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    (Hey guys, I don't have much time, I am about to go on vacation to Washington DC :D. I will be back on saturday, so for then, Raindrop has full control over Lothar)
  11. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    (Lol Siniru... could we take the complete weirdness down a notch please? A blue flame boy that is the son of satan and a bioengineered shapeshifter girl riding on an not-so-evil demon cat is a little weird... you think? But 5000 points for creativity.) Lothar: "HAVE YOU COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN...
  12. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    Lothar: *Watches Takaya. Grins when she pulls out her bow." Lothar: "Beginning to see the world my way, eh?" Lothar: *Begins climbing up the mountain. Then turns to look back at Takaya.* Lothar: "Rin seems nice enough. But that may just be a cover. I don't like how he talked about his 'demon...
  13. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    Lothar: "Okay. But what were you doing in the woods? I am going to throw a guess out there and say you are also from the future?" Lothar: *Is a little less scared of Rin now."
  14. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    Lothar: *Along the journey, he had learned to like the strange new boy. However, he still kept a watchful eye on Chiyoko." Lothar: "You are right Feelora. I will let my horse free here. I am sure the horses will wait around here until we return. They are trained, after all." Lothar: *Does just...
  15. TwilightDeku

    Seven Dragons RP

    Lothar: *Is startled by the dragon's sharp answer* Lothar: "If you will not answer me dragon, then it is for the best. You are much wiser than me, and probably have your reasons. I only care about the safety of our group and our mission. This means I have to defend us against anything of...
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