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    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    When I first played Twilight princess I didn't know that Eponas name held any importance/history be cause I never played a Zelda game before. So I named her some imaginary word I can't remember, I think is was something weird like Dyamio. On my second playthrough though I played the N64 games...
  2. Twili Kid

    The Universes Sense of Humor

    Have you ever had or heard of those times where something happens where the world just seems to work out in really ironic or humorous ways. For Example: Author, Douglas Adams died in a way where he was carrying a towel, something that was one of the more famous jokes in his books. He also...
  3. Twili Kid

    An Interesting Thought Provoking Question

    I would play Let It Be by The Beatles for two reasons Music is a universal language.It helps get the point across. I just like the song. Good music should be shared.
  4. Twili Kid

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    I believe Nintendo isn't giving out information because they don't want to repeat what happened with Twilight Princess. The hype was so big that no matter what Nintendo could do, the fans expectations could not be met. Another reason might be that, in game design, things change. For example...
  5. Twili Kid

    Stupid Little Things

    In TP I loved playing in Ordon. I'd make all the pumpkins grow, then I would make the hawk transport them to the water. Afterwards I would use them as target practice and start all over again. Also in TP I spent hours gliding with cuccos. In mid flight I would put on iron boots and laugh for...
  6. Twili Kid

    Pokemon Fan-fic Sign-up

    Name: Darwin Age: 12 Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Riolu, Eevee, Shedinja Location: Johto, Traveling Appearance: short dark brown hair, black shirt and pants, orage sweat shirt Personality: quiet, but will gladly accept any challenge Hobbies: pokemon collecting, soccer, writng in his notebook.
  7. Twili Kid

    If You Could Have Any 3 Video Game Items

    sorry for being late but no. Because with cheats the fact is you can make the game do basicly anything. Also I would like to switch mine out with the double helix sword. It would be pretty cool to shoot lasers from a sword.
  8. Twili Kid

    The Zelda ABC's

    C is for CD-i. Home to the worst Zelda games ever.
  9. Twili Kid

    If You Could Have Any 3 Video Game Items

    The title says it all. If you could choose three video game items or abilites, what would they be and why. Mine would be: Sonics speed shoes(The Sonic games) : I've always like speed and track starts tomorrow. Claw/hookshot (some Zelda games): Wouldn't it be cool to just swing around the...
  10. Twili Kid

    Pokemon AR Hacking - Legit or Not?

    Using a AR is not legit to train a pokemon. I think its ok to get 100 master balls or all the TMs but when you skip training the pokemon and using whatever then I don't like it. I get furious at my friends who do it! Its all about the training obtaining and becoming part of the phenomenom. Be...
  11. Twili Kid

    Rise of the Dragir

    Good. Very good. My only advice is to be a bit more concise. There are some parts where the phrasing has too many extra words that you could easily cut down on. i.e."The dragir had blasted the Dark Lord away but had not defeated him. It had defeated him temporarily for the night." You could...
  12. Twili Kid

    Rise of the Dragir

    Wonderful. For some reason it reminds me of the Ascedancy of last. The story from before the fourms got wiped. Also that Alexz guy is awesome. Who's idea was that guy.(I hope I'm kidding. But, seriously good job.) Keep writing.
  13. Twili Kid

    The Zelda ABC's

    K is for Kaebora Gaebora the owl from LA, OoT, and MM.
  14. Twili Kid

    The Zelda ABC's

    O is for Oracle of Seasons/Ages. 2 Zelda games for gameboy.
  15. Twili Kid

    Did You Like the Voltorb Flip in Pokemon HG/SS?

    I think it's awesome. I'm glad its diferent then the normal slot machines. I could play it for hours(which I did.) I just kind of wish there was more then one game.
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