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    Best New Game Announcement at E3 2021

    Metroid: Dread hands down. This E3 has been quite the steaming pile of sh*t. I love Halo and I love everything that I saw about Infinite as well as Zelda, but Metroid has been a long time coming. I was a huge fan of what Mercury Steam did with Samus Returns and I'm glad they're back and...
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    BotW 2 E3 trailer

    It's still too far off. I think they did the right thing by not showing us much. Makes the wait much more bearable. They don't usually start going into their full marketing until a few months before launch anyway. So this will do for now.
  3. Turo602

    BotW 2 E3 trailer

    Hope there's huge connections to Skyward Sword with the whole sky stuff. It seems kind of deliberate how they keep reminding us how Skyward Sword is the earliest point in the franchise and how it kind of influenced certain mechanics in Breath of the Wild only to show us floating islands in the...
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    Thanks, dude.

    Thanks, dude.
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    Thank you.

    Thank you.
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    Buying Loose Games

    I never buy loose games with the exception of retro cartridge based games that came in disposable cardboard boxes. But I can't stand seeing loose games or generic boxes otherwise. I mean seriously, what the hell do these people do? Shove the case up their ass and then trade in what's left?
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    How often do you buy a Switch version for multiplats?

    Depends on the game for me. If it's indie, retro, or a platformer I tend to go for the Switch. Though, I do double dip quite a bit if it's something I really like, like Resident Evil or Crash that I wouldn't mind having a portable version of even if I have it already on a more powerful console.
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    Show Off Your Zelda Merch!

    I actually have a shelf full of Zelda stuff. Mostly amiibos, with a mix of Figma figures, I think a Jakks Ganondorf which was the last thing I got from Toys R Us, and a Majora's Mask statue from First 4 Figures. Also got a lunch box that I stole from my brother because he had two, a Toon Link...
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    What are 5 must play NON-Nintendo games?

    1. Red Dead Redemption II - Recently finished it myself and I never thought they could top the first one after it won someone like me over who was never into westerns, in such a big way that I even checked out the classic western Dollars Trilogy with Clint Eastwood. It's still one of my favorite...
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    Spoiler General Screenshot Thread

    Red Dead Redemption II
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    game confusion...

    For me, it's usually just control schemes that throw me off. For instance, I was playing Red Dead Redemption II for months recently and then I started DOOM, and everytime I wanted to change my weapon, I'd accidentally throw a grenade because I was so used to holding LB instead of RB for that...
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    Can you experience asmr?

    I used to experience ASMR before people started recording sounds on YouTube, and for women specifically, it seems like something they experience when they get their hair played with. For a long time, I didn't know what ASMR was and everytime I would come across a video with ASMR in the title, I...
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    How do you see the Luigi's Mansion games?

    It is a little confusing but I do know what you mean. It's hard to view something that has become so prominent and has stood all on its own as a mere spin-off as it feels like it sort of diminishes what it achieved all by itself. But truthfully, they're all still spin-offs because they all...
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