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  • Mmm.. I thought the scanner was okay. If I remember correctly, I think there were a few areas that required you to use it, in order to finish the chapter. I'm not sure about the weapons & ammo though since those were easy to locate. But, haha! The scanner reminds me of Raiden's enhanced VR from Metal Gear Rising :P . VR > Scanner though :/ . And I see your love/hate relationship with Quint and Keith hasn't improved :lol: . At least they were more entertaining than Jake. But, RE6 really left me with a lot of "????". I mean, the gunplay was fun, and I really liked some of the characters, but the story was yucky (and this is without including Chris's ending by the way). I know I'm just a beginner, but when I play some of the Metal Gear games, it's the complete opposite. I still don't like that some of the games have first person elements, but everything else was just flawless and it makes me want to replay them again. Argh! Capcom needs to be like Kojima. And yes, it was. I think it was on my tumblr where someone mentioned a person threatening to expose the game if they didn't release it. IDK. I know Piers and a couple of the other characters had nameplates lol!

    If you skip all the codec and cutscenes, you can. It's a pretty long game, and I believe Guns of the Patriots is even longer. Raiden was fun to play though. WHY DO YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH?!!!?!! I couldn't do it!! I stopped at the last chapter for MGS4 just so I can start playing MG: Rising, lol!! I definetly have to play through these games again. Rising is sooo good though. If you don't have the game yet, buy it! It's like a male version of Bayonetta :> . I'm hoping PP and Ground Zeroes are different. There's just too many "Big Boss" games. What about the other snakes? :< What?! What did you do to your hand? Get better soon!

    I will get it then!! Right after I finish the games that I got first >:p . Ah! another Ninja Turtle VA. I wonder if they ever came across each other when doing TS. LOL! Not really. My obsession for him has gone down a bit after the game was released. But, Piers and the new girl are still pretty cool in the manga though. Oh, and Carla's part of the story too, I think. I really like Liquid though. He should have his own game since he was nothing, but a ghost in MGS4.

    Yeah! I don't remember where I found them, but a lot of people thought they were Rachel gameplay. It would make the game too tense and frustrating if I had to play like that. But, Ooo can't wait. I was bummed when I couldn't play Raid mode.

    What did you do your hand? Did you go to the hospital yet? Keep me updated! I won't be able to play this weekend or next week since I have finals. I might be able to play next weekend though depending on my teacher (hopefully he'll give me my last final so I be done with this class). I still have to ask her about her gamertag, so I'll inbox you soon.

    Forgot to take the pictures. But, its the same one I posted on my blog just recently.
    Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong Cosplay - CosplayMagic.Com

    I have to make some adjustments though. The shirt fits, but it seems like it's suppose to be tucked in. And the waistline for the pants they sent me was a bit big, so I'll have to have someone readjust it to my size or double belt it >.< . I'll send you an email regarding the other matter.
    I agree. They got it right when Revelations was released, but for some reason their biggest game fell apart. And it's a shame because it had loads of potential to be a great title. They need to hire a new director, or have a previous team take over. By the way, have you seen 1.5 yet?

    Sons of Liberty? Very long lol! Solidus didn't quite live up to his reputation though. For being a perfect clone to Big Boss, I expected him to be the strongest out of the 3 brothers. Argh! I really want Twin Snakes!! But, umm.. I purchased Guns of the Patriots too last week. I couldn't help it! I know I have to complete Snake Eater and Peace Walker, but MGS4 looked like fun and I love it so far! Tracking Naomi sucked though and when did Raiden become a full cyborg ninja? And yes, I believe so. But, I can't buy that yet lol! I still have 3 other games to finish!! XD I really think I'm addicted to this series though, Turo. Like, I'm excited for Ground Zeroes, and then there's the Phantom Pain which people are speculating is MGS5. Eeeeekkk!! There's just too much to keep up with!

    Didn't Cam also voice Liquid in the original game? If not, I'm not getting it >>; . I did watch the majority of the cutscenes from Twin Snakes though... and... I... really liked it. And this picture too of both Snakes: The JADED Network | Image Gallery Viewer Mhmmmmhhhmmm Good grief! :> And he has an accent too which is double the goodness. But, wtf though why did he have to die?! I was so sad when they killed off Grey Fox too. Although, I really don't know him that well, his last scene did tug a little on the heartstrings.

    Oh.. I must have misread it then. I could've swore I read an article that mentioned Revelations not selling well enough on the 3DS. Oh well, it looks nice on consoles, so I hope it does well once it's released. The only thing that I'm hoping for is that Capcom doesn't pull this "exclusive DLC" crap again. PS3 really got screwed with RE6 and it seems like very few people will purchase the DLC content tomorrow. As for the Rachel pictures, I posted them here: Latest Resident Evil News . I don't remember a video and I don't remember that interview either... Where the freak was I? LOL! I think they promised some new content heading for consoles, so it might be true. Or they could be just adding to Raid mode roster.

    She has LIVE now. I bought her the 3 month GOLD membership and I think she has some other free memberships that came with HALO 4 and something else. So, we can play sometime this weekend if that's okay with you? I'll have to ask her if I could use her xbox though.

    Sorry for disappearing all of a sudden. These past two weeks have been pretty depressing and it almost got me to a point where I was ready to give up. It had nothing to do with school, btw. Thank you for sending me a card too! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. =) Oh, before I forget Ada's costume is finished! Now all I have to do is find the hair and her gun and I'm good to go!
    Indeed I am. Very sick. Just like my city. And if there is one thing I've learned in my years as the Batman, it's that I have to fight the sick with sickness. I must be fear in the eyes of those who prey on the fearful. I am the product of a city that didn't care, and still doesn't. I'm sick. And that allows me to do whatever it takes to punish those who make the poison. So, no, you can't help me. No one can. This is my life and it is what I do. I don't want your help. My sickness is my gift as well as my curse; my sickness defines me. I am nothing without this disease. :keese:
    Sad? Yes, look at what happened to me as a child. Strange? You bet; I mean, anyone who dresses up in a cowl and cape and beats up the trash of society using the symbology of a bat has to be strange. Little? Don't think so; everything I stand for is large. And well, I'm about as physically fit as you can get. :keese:
    Why do you keep saying that? Batman isn't real... unless you're role-playing.
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