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  1. triq267

    Best Ice Dungeon

    Minish Cap is my 2nd favorite game, and Temple of Droplets is my favorite dungeon in the game. Easy choice.
  2. triq267

    Any Bronies Out There?

    Eeyup, there are bronies out there. I know because I am one. Wow... that sounded much less stupid in my head...
  3. triq267

    Tingle: More or Less?

    I don't DISLIKE him, but he's a weirdo. I just don't know how to feel about him. He's helpful, but, he's a murderer. How else do you explain all the skulls in his cave in WW? But beyond that he's an okay guy. Just a little weird...
  4. triq267

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss?

    Helmaroc King from WW. I don't know, I just feel in a Wind Waker mood, and he's my favorite boss from it. Yeah...
  5. triq267

    Custom Horse

    I didn't even think of that, but I think that would be a cool idea.
  6. triq267

    Custom Horse

    So I was just thinking, who thinks it would be a cool idea to be able to customize your horse, or loftwing for that matter. I'm thinking stuff like of course name, but also like coat, tail, and mane color. Or feather color for loftwings. Would you guys like this, and if Nintendo did this, what...
  7. triq267

    Zelda Art Whiteboard Zelda Drawings.

    Hey, uhh Rainy, I'm gonna be way behind with Ganondorf because Christmas Break just started and I won't have access to a whiteboard until January. I hope you understand.
  8. triq267

    Zelda Art Whiteboard Zelda Drawings.

    OK Rainy, I'm sorry this took so long, but I was finally able to draw, take a picture of, and upload the whiteboard Zelda you asked for. Here it is. Once again, sorry it's so small. But here it is, I hope you see this.
  9. triq267

    Zelda Art Whiteboard Zelda Drawings.

    OK... if you guys don't like this, tell me. I can take the criticism.
  10. triq267

    Zelda Art Whiteboard Zelda Drawings.

    Hey, so I've never really been an artist. But today, while sitting in father's classroom (he's a teacher) I decided to draw on his whiteboard. Being a Zelda fan and being in the middle of playing The Minish Cap, I decided to draw Ezlo. Even though I am not the best artist I decided it was some...
  11. triq267

    What Weapons Would You Want?

    I would love something akin to Roc's Cape from TMC, but in a 3D game. It could be used to cross canyons and gaps with ease. Not too original, I know, but I've always wanted TMC items in 3D, and this is one of the only ones that hasn't been done yet. coughcough*mole/mogma mitts*coughcough
  12. triq267

    Spoiler SS Imprisoned and Demise

    Thanks you for telling that this was confirmed, although the reputation drop was not appreciated :(.
  13. triq267

    Spoiler SS Imprisoned and Demise

    I noticed that Demise's skin looks a LOT like the Imprisoned's scales. Demise. The Imprisoned. I have no idea if this is confirmed as I've been avoiding major spoilers, but it makes sense. Please tell me if this was confirmed, and if not, please comment.
  14. triq267

    Which Zelda Game Haven't You Played

    Haven't played AoL, OoS, WW, FS, FSA, or ST. Reasons: AoL- Too hard OoS- Lost OoA and really want to do linked game, but can't find OoA. WW- No real reason FS- Don't have three other people to play with FSA- Can't find it ST- Yeah... No comment
  15. triq267

    Most Fun Item from Zelda

    Kamaro Mask from MM. It makes you into the best dancer ever, 'nuff said.
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