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  • I actually already had my permit. I don't know how it works where you live, but here in Florida, you can get your permit at the age of 15. After a year of your permit then you can get your license.

    Well, thanks for the birthday message.
    Hey since Atsuma is gone, I claim Tetra/Zelda. I know you guys had that trade but it ended when she left so I picked up Tetra/Zelda.
    Whether Pandora dies or not, that is up to me. Just wait and see I guess. I will not spoil it for you. Have you been keeping up? XD
    Hey guys! I need names for my dragons, I was thinking about naming them after Zelda characters, but it won't let me:( so I want to name my dragons after forum members. Just notify me if you want me to name my dragons after you!


    I got one Male dragon, just to let you guys know~!


    I have a Male and a Female dragon now!
    Ok, so I see that you edited. Good, yeah, let us keep our stories secret. Once the first competition ends I will announce the winners and say who wrote what. :P So yeah, just write something and hand it in to me via PM, as the first post says.
    Silly, you responded in your own profile. How was I to know you had responded? XD

    I see. Anyway, you look very pretty in that pic you posted, Panda. XD
    I really liked it, and my English teacher always said "If you wanna be a good writer, be honest." and seriously, I'm honest!
    Belated happy birthday TreeHuggerPanda. I'm sorry that your birthday in RL didn't work out well. Hopefully this virtual cookie can take your mind off it for a bit :D
    My birthday was yesterday, but plenty of my friend from real life didn't email me or call or anything. So I'll accept that this time. (*Hands out leftover cake to Tom*)
    I know this is late and we're not 'friends' over here, but I've already seen you around (plus I'd like to have some people posting happy birthday on mine, if it was my day) and I'm bored, so yeah, happy birthday.
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