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  • Huh, I joined halfway through my 10th grade year... Well, it wasn't necessarily half-way through, it was right after New Years... But close enough to half.
    Wow late but hiiii

    I was actually just thinking about you the other day lol. I just resigned due to conflicts I foresee will arise what with school and upcoming high school sports, and I recalled you were in a similar position last year and that's why you left. Glad you're back though!
    Very much so. Anyway, what classes you taking?

    Just. A side not, you need to make a post in the last 24 hours to see the SB now, if you didn't know. It's a silly billy thing.
    You were only in 6th grade when you joined? I was in 10th grade when I joined. Now I feel old. lol
    As am I, but I remember back in my own freshman year I slacked off until my eyes turned red from tiredness haha. It's not a good thing to follow in my footsteps even if you presume yourself to be walking in another direction :lol:

    Good luck! I know you'll do amazing, but I'll keep tabs on you whenever I can xD
    Hehheh, thanks. xD I think I was still a newbie around the time you left... Ah, good times, those days were.
    I feel you. This is my Sophomore year and all these AP classes hurg. So school started early for you too?
    I'm a junior and I already have homework ont he first day of school :>

    Don't slack off your freshman year -- make amazing grades! If you have to sacrifice ZD, so be it.
    I see. Well, at the very least it's nice to talk to you again. And I feel honored that you remembered me! I honestly can't remember if we talked a lot or not. xD
    OMG YOU'RE BACK! I don't know if you remember me, but I remember talking with you a few times in the shoutbox. Welcome back to Zelda Dungeon! It's always wonderful for outstanding members like yourself to return. :)
    THP, how have you been lately? (most cliche way to come back lol)

    I'm just too busy with school and stuff, damn physics class. >.<
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