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  • I watched a few episodes of that once and I enjoyed it. XD Especially Tristian's enhanced stupidity. I always wondered why they kept him around in the actual show haha.
    Haha thank you! :3 In regards to yours, my brother recently got into Yu-Gi-Oh, so I've been seeing a lot of Seto lately. XD
    :D I agree, fire/fighting has been overused. In their first forms it has been confirmed that they are pure grass, fire and water but we'll just have to wait and see about their evolutions.
    Ohh! I get it. I thought you meant a BEWD dragon card with a different picture :P. I still have bunches of those. Do you have Black Luster Soldier? You'll need him along with the Ultimate dragon to create the Dragon Master Knight. Is that your favorite card though?
    Yeah, I'm also curious about that. We've only seen five new Pokémon so far. Which new starter Pokémon do you like the most? I really like Chespin, the grass type. I love his design. It's actually the first time that I ever get this exited over a grass starter. :D
    Really? That's cool. I used to play the card game with my dad and a few friends I made back then. But, no one around here plays it anymore. Which Blue-Eyes are you looking for?
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