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    Toon Link Battle Brawl happening again want to be in it sign up again in the club :)
    Hey there is a MEGA Important comment on the Brawl thing on the Toon Link Fan Club you have to check it out it tells you about when where Brawling which is very soon.
    hi im Toon link the first! glad to meet you! your the third toon link on this forum. so im gonna add you to mah contacts.
    Hey pal :) I'm bored so I thought I'd say hello
    (Character limit)
    Yeah, that would be funny. :xd:
    Do both! =D
    *Kills 50 character limit*
    Well, yeah, I find it less likely to have to hop your train to avoid a fence or a shark, hahahah.
    Hey, Toon_Link!
    Remember me, from Portal to Hyrule?
    It's nice to see you here. ^^
    Oh, yeah, and... Long live Santa! xD
    Lol kool picture I am actually thinking about getting a new picture but not that one don't worry :P Nice picture by the way very cool and cute
    Yeah I know, and it can be annoying too, OoT is not the only great game of Zelda, and I actually think PH made a very nice job in controls, and world design. I liked the shortcuts.

    That is a cute avatar you have right now. :3
    Lol I actually was going to choose your Avatar too! But I went with this :P Anyways I'm gonna add you as a friend :) It's like we're twins
    Hahahah, It is cool. Actually. I mean about the similar username.
    Take it from one of the many Kokiries in this Dungeon.
    I hope you are having a good time around
    Well Hello There almost like Clone :P
    Lol Toon Link does rock weird our Usernames are almost the same anyways just thought I'd say hi
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