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    Whats Your Favorite Nozzel in Super Mario Sunshine?

    mine is hover too i think that is the most fun and like i liked that the best the rocket was like unpridicable like where it was to go and the turbo was my #2 i like get cuse go fast around the town if you needed too and the squirt nossle um not my best but it good and so my #1 is the hover nossle
  2. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    that is fine dude but if you want you could start a online game that i play called pirates of the carrbean online go type that in www com and then hit join enter in informaion if you want you can pay to get more parts of the game but if you dont it is free tell me when you get in the online...
  3. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    and by the way i am play that game like no tomorrow i am like a level 37 now
  4. timmy0929

    James Bond

    i like bond i love his games i own the wii goldeneye going to get the relouded game love the movies
  5. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    hey yea timothy is me ok i am level 33 working on it a bunch ok i be on around 5:45 pt
  6. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    by the way now i am a level 33 now on goldeneye try to get the thermal scope my favorite weapon i have not got it yet but my favorite weapon is the gambit thats my favorite sniper weapon my favorite assault weapon i got like tree masterton m557 and the vargun strata SV 400 anova dp3 ivana...
  7. timmy0929

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    for me my good brawl characters are meta knight link is in the middle for me on brawl but i like how much damage he and toon link takes out of enemys my bad brawl characters are pikmen thats it for me i can use all characters but him so that for me
  8. timmy0929

    Knight Rider

    anyone out there like knight rider the old and new ones i am a big fan of knight rider my dad got me in to it the theme song is just so catchy and cool
  9. timmy0929

    Wierd Al

    i like wierd al my favorite is fat i like a lot other of his
  10. timmy0929

    Super Mario Bros Super Show

    i have watch the whole thing not my dream mario show but its ehh good and all
  11. timmy0929

    Pirates Online

    any one likes pirates of the carrbbean online i like it i am tom goldwrecker level 50 mastered everything but grenade and potions so if you like the game please reply and if you play it post your pirate name a level
  12. timmy0929

    Youtuber: Chuggaaconroy

    omg he is so funny i have seen everyone of his videos ok my brothers have seen it i showed him it too we watch his videos over and over and we cant get enough of it we laugh so hard when i go to look for a walkthrough i look if they have it for chugga that the first thing i look when i look for...
  13. timmy0929

    Goldeneye007 Clan

    my friend code is 182169214219
  14. timmy0929

    Goldeneye 007 Wii

    my friend code is 182169214219 for goldeneye 007 wii
  15. timmy0929

    Playing Games with Parents?

    i am 12 but i dont give it out offen october 19 i well be 13
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