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    Visiting Other Regions?

    I would actually like to see them all... I haven't played all of the pokemon games, and only have a few of them. so if they could just wrap it all up in one game. that'd be nice. They could have Orre, Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Almia, Unova, and those other regions in the Pokemon Ranger games...
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    January 8th: What Are You Hoping For?

    What if it's something completely different than what everyone would think...like, Nintendo saying their not making any more pokemon games. They never said it was a good announcement... I don't really think they'll say that, but it's a small possibility. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Okay, so I recently made my own challenge thing, and one of the things that are in the challenge is to get a different type starter from a different region AND use it in your team. So you would need, say a Tepig from Unova, a Mudkip from Hoenn, and a Bulbasaur from Kanto. However, in Heartgold...
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    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    The most annoying are cuckoos, My scariest would be the wallmasters(Whatever those things are called) In Soviet Russia... :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    The Dark Trifoce

    I like the idea, but it would obviously need a better story. You're exploring one day. During the traveling, you find Ganondorf there . You fight him and find out what he's doing; He's trying to find a portal to the other realm. He tells you about the evil Triforce he accidentally...
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    Stupid Things You Did While Playing Pokemon.

    I used my brothers on a bidoof in Diamond.
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    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    My level 100 Deino (Kapuno), or my soon-to-be Charizard.
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    New to Pokemon! Help!

    You can only raise your pokemon's HP by leveling up by fighting other pokemon, or by using an item called "HP up". As for the bulbasaur, you can't find it naturally in the game, but I can breed one and trade it to you. For trading, Beat the first gym and get the C-Gear. Connect to the internet...
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    What Move Would You Create?

    I would call my move <censored>-slap, where you <censored>-slap a pokemon. and win. INSTANTLY :love: The VampireSlaye P.S. I know instantly is in caps.
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    Should They Add Double Type Moves?

    I think that they should. That's all, no reasoning or anything like that, just that I think they should. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    Yes, O high Master. In time all will fall into place. I am sorry for disturbing my place as part of an eyeball.
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    Zelda 3DS Predictions (No Remake)

    I would think it's cool if they made one with ,like, an ancient portal thing. You could go between dimensions and things. Each time you, or someone else went through, something would change. And you could get Exclusive items and customize your Toolkit thingy... And go back and get the items from...
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    Not anything in particular, it's not necessarily for me. What ways? I'd like to know things like this. :love: TheVampireSlaye
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    I know, but I am doing a giveaway also. If they want to be kind enough to give me one in return theycan. :love: TheVampireSlaye 1. How did you get multiples? I can trade alot in the future, more when some events happen. But, I can trade.
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    I'm now doing a giveaway on pokemon Black and White. I don't have much, but comment and I'll reply if I have it or not. If you want to do a trade on this, then you can, within reason. I will only do fair(ish) trades. I will not trade a kyurem for a lillipup, or anything like that. If you want to...
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