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    Need Help Getting Gliscor's Hidden Ability

    Hello there everyone. I have been trying in vain to catch a Gligar with the Hidden Ability Immunity for a while now and I have been exclusively using Horde Encounters to find one (since you can get Hidden Abilities that way). However, all of the Gligars I have found up to this point had its...
  2. TheRationalDove

    Who Will Be the Next Poster?

    Incorrect. Someone with a username, probably.
  3. TheRationalDove

    Things You Want To Buy

    There are so many things, but first off, I really wanna get the new SSB game for the 3DS. Then maybe some of the other things on my wish list.
  4. TheRationalDove

    What Annoyed You Today?

    The fact that I have to pack for school. It's very time-consuming.
  5. TheRationalDove

    The Member Fact Game

    Archangel did not realize that a new challenger was about to enter the fray until I made this post.
  6. TheRationalDove

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned because you have a spoiler in your signature.
  7. TheRationalDove


    If we are to implement this idea, I don't think we should organize it based off interests. Personally, I think the clans should serve the same purpose that a house or team system would in a school: divide a large body of people up into a couple large groups so as to create a greater common...
  8. TheRationalDove

    Favorite Eevee Evolution?

    I really don't know if I have a favorite Eevee thus far. Normally, I base my favorite Pokemon off of how useful they are in the game and since i haven't had any of them on my teams, I can't give a definitive opinion on any of them. I do have a soft spot for Vaporeon, though as I was drawn to its...
  9. TheRationalDove

    General Zelda A Spin-Off Involving Only Puzzle Solving

    I think what makes Zelda a great game series for me is the focus of puzzle-solving and combat in a blend. However, I think that the majority of Zelda gaming can be considered Puzzle-solving, including some of the combat, since you have to figure out how to defeat certain enemies. So, I think a...
  10. TheRationalDove

    General Zelda The Hylian Shield?

    I haven't played A Link Between Worlds yet myself, but it is safe to say that inconsistencies like this are bound to show up. I'm not sure why the Hylian Sheild cannot be where it is in that game, but I assume there is a logical reason from a developers standpoint. Like, maybe at that point in...
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    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned because you are apparently a part of Team Flare.
  12. TheRationalDove

    Hyrule Warriors If You Could Add One More Character to Play As, Who Would It Be?

    I would've really liked Groose as a playable character. He was pretty goofy in Skyward Sword.
  13. TheRationalDove

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned because the S's in Cassandra look like lower case G's to me sometimes.
  14. TheRationalDove

    The DGN Exchange Vending Machine

    You receive a good ol' Magikarp. I insert a moon rock.
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