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  • Hey there, how are you enjoying your time here so far, Miss Knightmare?

    By the way...click on "view conversation" to reply to this.
    A new member from Canada, gotta say it's not often I come by fellow Canadians online, overall I'm surprised nobody has welcomed you yet though truly...ahem, welcome to the Dungeon Gaming Network, Miss Knight. I am Lord Vain, the Digital God of Peace and Destruction, tis a pleasure to meet you. Be sure to read the rules, post anywhere of interest, make many friends, and of course have fun.

    Just an fyi, if you wanna reply to this you must make at least 5 or more posts outside of forum games first, as that's how the Visitor Messaging function is unlocked. Err, or you could just PM me if you really wanted to I guess…but anyways, if you have any questions or need help feel free to ask me, I’d be happy to provide assistance ^^
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