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  • Hmmm, Maria, would you mind if I sent you a friend request now that you've been around on ZD for awhile? :squishy:

    Your friends list is just so barren [noparse]>.>[/noparse]
    I got a question. If you believe the threads here are so boring, why not spark some discussion yourself? :)

    I mean, if you see a discrepancy, best to fix it ASAP right? ;)
    Hmmm, well I guess I'll take that as a yest then, so good. How have you been holding up though, did you get some snow in your part of Canada as well, the ground is covered with the stuff here.
    Well, I personally am more or less always in a nice and friendly mood, often quite serious but I get along with just about anyone nonetheless...I'd be happy to add you to my friends list and be your first friend here, Maria, but if you aren't interested then that's just as fine :)

    Oh, I see, guess maybe I couldn't help so much then...l looked up purple knight among other things on photobucket and some stuff showed up, not much Christmas related though :/
    Hmmm, well alright then I guess, I hope you can find something nice to use as well ^^

    By the way, I noticed you didn't really have any one on your friend list yet, would you mind if I sent you a friend request?

    Huh, I wonder if I could maybe find you a picture to use...a purple knight themed Christmas one though, that may prove difficult. But, wait, that pick you linked to was just an anime girl so...maybe I can find you a pic of an anime girl who is wearing a Santa suit and has purple hair or something :3
    Hmmm...well one of the Mods here is a friend of mine and she does a lot with photoshop, so if you really wanted I could maybe ask her to fix up that picture for you, would really be no problem.

    But otherwise I suppose just using your profile pic as your avatar as well, a few members do that actually.
    Hmmm, that's good, and do you maybe have an idea in mind for a signature or avatar? I see you got a profile picture already...
    No problems, and Knightmare it is then, unless you're saying it would be ok if I just called you Maria...well, you can call me Vain regardless, it's nice to meet you :)

    I read that one thread you made, it's good that you're enjoying this place...and yeah, there aren't any black or purple forum skins available here, wouldn't mind a black on myself tbh. I just stick with the brown skin though, it works well enough.
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