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  • Ah, well so much for that then I guess, if you ever come up with another idea for a signature and need help finding interesting images I'll be willing to help again ^::^

    Hmmm, drama can escalate in the SB rather quickly, since that one member is still SB Banned the drama doesn't come up as much though. Well, good to know that you're fine, and if you were on the verge of dying or something I'd likely recommend going to the hospital...and if necessary would try to somehow ensure you're brought to a hospital myself, call 911 and have them rush an ambulance to your House wherever in London it may be. Can't just leave you alone to bleed out or anything, eesh >::>
    Ah, I see, well that clears stuff up. You aren't going to College or anything either though? I'm not because I never had a career in mind and as such went through school not caring too much, cared enough to graduate, but not enough to aim for great grades and take specific classes or whatever. Just been looking for work around my area since I finished school last year myself, finding a job isn't as easy as it should be though -::-
    Hmmm, so you're 19 then...but wait, you in College then or something, or maybe just a 5th year of High School? Oh wait, maybe what Month you were born in is the reason...eh, I dunno, had pinned you at maybe being 17 myself though. I am not always accurate clearly >::>
    It's white with red eyes, but it has no hair on it's tail, it's kinda small.
    Err, that thread was about Computer Mouses, not the animal...the thread was placed in the Technology department because of that fact, eheheh.
    The cards aren't exactly just meant to express love, but more so are just a way to tell others you're happy to know them and nice stuff like that, you can send one to a person you love if you want but overall they're just for fun and are a way to make your friends smile. I was gonna send you one myself, but figured maybe I shouldn't...now I realize I should have though.
    I always thought your avatar was cool. But after watching that trailer you linked me yesterday, it is just awesome.
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