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    That's hot
    Your face is hot!

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it...anti your face jokes for the win o,o
    Well, I used them, lost count on the wings though when I saw they didn't cause an effect...the stat numbers remain unchanged >,>

    I maxed out the PP of their moves though.
    Using the items but it seems they aren't doing anything...dunno what to say. Oh wait, sh*t, think I left the max of all IVs cheat on and as such it was affected :/
    Be sure to get what sleep you need tonight, eh. Personally I'll of course be up until 2 AM or something, heh.
    Hmmm, I guess I get what you're saying, will have to keep that date in mind though so I can tell you Happy Birthday on the right day next year...assuming we'll both even be here anymore. Ahem, overall when I was in school I was always up until 1 AM and then got up at 7 AM, I take it you're more specific about such things though.
    Oh, I more so saw it as you just having fun or something, didn't exactly understand how but...you have a rather unique personality so I guess it's as I've often? said--whatever works for you, Maria. I'm still up and around as you can see, what's the deal with you having to stay up so much right now though? Overall I'll likely end up being up until 5 AM tonight, am usually up this late myself now because I just haven't gotten tired around the usual times, really causes me to sleep in late though...which is bad, but whatever.
    You sure like to check if I'm around a lot, huh? I swear, it's like ever since I told you I'm usually up until 2 AM you have gotten into seeing how often I am up that late...hope you aren't ever too disappointed when I'm actually not around though, eh. Hmmm, as far as I know I may not be around for a long time soon actually, my internet may get cut off...maybe. Life sucks like that though.
    Sorry about bolting on you on Skype just a few minutes ago, my mom kicked me off the computer and I'm downstairs on Wii U now. I saw that you were typing something out, so if you want we can continue the chat here.
    i would DEFINITELY take a level 20 Mew, but I don't really have any super good Pokemon ATM, no shinys, but I'll get some better Pokemon soon and talk to you/Vain soon. :)
    ill talk to you about trading some good pokemon for kyogre or rayquaza soon... what kind of pokemon are you looking for to trade??
    Triple Battle - Rotation

    Another new battle feature is the Rotation Battle. This battle is set out like a Triple Battle but has a brand new means to battle. Here, like with Triple Battles, you send out three Pokémon. However, the stage your Pokémon are on can rotate. You only battle one Pokémon versus one Pokémon with the other Pokémon pushed at the back. However, when you're battling, you will have the ability of rotating the stage clockwise or anti-clockwise making another of your Pokémon the main Pokémon you intend to use.
    This does not take your turn away and you have the ability to attack immediately with your new main Pokémon. The rotation appears to be the first thing that happens in the turn so Speed is calculated after the rotation.
    There you go, that's a good explanation of Rotation Battles and how they work.

    Hmmm, well I actually am and 18 year old French Canadian who lives a few hours from London, you saw the name of my town in the tornado video I PM'd you. Very few have seen what I actually look like, with two girls saying they wanted to move to Canada after seeing me, can't say I'm too concerned though...I like to compare myself to Kakashi in this sense, he looks good but likes to keep his face unknown to most, the reason why is unknown. What I am not is a God in any way, I call myself a Digital God for fun though, it's a long story linked to me using Pain as a theme way back when I first joined ZD in November of 2011...Pain called himself a God so I chose to call myself a Digital God, yep. But wait, if nobody is who they say they are...does that mean you aren't a 19 year old Canadian girl named Maria?

    In all seriousness I couldn't force you to meet me in person of course, just figured maybe it could be interesting, also I would actually be able to give you some Pokemon in person that way as you can't seem to get your Wi-Fi to work yet. Hmmm, I more or less hate the same things you hate to that extent, don't even have my license yet because I lack interest in driving--because my parents have forced me to I've been trying to study the driver's handbook so I can get a license though, however since the book is mind numbingly boring I haven't gotten far in it. I have a few real weapons around my bed, a machete, battle axe, hunting knife, and other things...the axe used to be on the wall but after it fell off a few times I figured maybe it would be safer to have it lying next to my bed instead. Sometimes my mom's friends's kids are over and I don't want an axe falling on them, eheheh. Guess it's good to know you wouldn't hit me, hahah, you are indeed a pretty decent person.
    You know, Maria, part of me would like to meet you in person...but the rest of me kind of pictures you teasingly punching me in the shoulder or something for no apparent reason, I dunno why, maybe it's just your overall personality. Like, based on the vibes I get you seem to be a decent person, but at the same time you got some attitude in you...and I wouldn't say that's either good or bad, it could really be either depending on the situation.
    In case you missed my message in the SB, the Genesect I could give you will be a normal one, so it's a purple colour.
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