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    How does the Zelda manga compare to the games?

    I’ve only read the LttP, MM, and the first half of the OoT mangas. They’re interesting reads for hardcore fans, but nothing I’d overly recommend. They take a bunch of liberties with the story in them, for instance the LttP manga adds an entirely new thief character that’s never seen in game, and...
  2. thePlinko

    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    I actually had an idea similar to this a while back. you know how Zelda tends to have a running theme of exploring two different worlds (light and dark, past and future, surface and sky, etc)? What if we had a game where one world is your normal Zelda overworld, and the underworld is like a...
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This past Christmas my uncle gave me his framed painting of General Robert E. Lee (the confederate general during the American civil war) on his horse, Traveller. I hung it up in my bedroom but my mom has been somewhat vocal about her not liking it. She’s clearly uncomfortable with it but I...
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    Avatar: What element would you choose?

    I’ll be the element of surprise! I never watched ATLA....
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    Rank the Smash Bros Games

    I used to think that every smash game was better than the last but after thinking about it... 5. Smash 64- great game, bare bones compared to later entries, yadda yadda yadda moving on. I will say that this is the last smash Bros to have an appropriate amount of fire emblem reps. 4. 3DS/Wii U-...
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    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    While BotW is a great game, it is deeply flawed, and BotW 2 being the exact same might make it my new least favorite Zelda. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, when a series refuses to improve upon its predecessor and just makes more of the same. In order for me to truly enjoy BotW 2 it needs to...
  7. thePlinko

    Most Iconic Zelda Quote.

    Obviously the most iconic quote is “it’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” But there are other quotes that I think are even better. Windwaker in particular has some amazing quotes towards the end. Ganondorf and King Daphnes Nohanson Hyrule both have amazing monologues, and I’d argue that “this...
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    Are your favourite gaming franchises in a good place at the moment?

    Tbh I’m not very optimistic about this. Zelda- BotW was a good game, but it simply didn’t fit the series. I really hope this isn’t the new direction for the series, but that’s doubtful considering how well it did. Pokémon- sword and shield were embarrassments to the legacy of the franchise...
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    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    if you’re gonna say gohdan you might as well lump in bongo bongo, the boss in the desert level of Mario 64, sigma from mega man x, and a few others. singling out gohdan specifically is a little unfair. I know, I’m specifically surprised that Spirit is recommending SS. I too think it’s a good...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    wait wait wait....did you just... recommend skyward sword? Am I in bizarro world?
  12. thePlinko

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 409!

    Out of all of them, the transformation masks and four sword splitting are the only ones that are really handled well. All of the others are either only useful in scripted situations or full of clunk (Or in wolf links case both). Of the two the masks are cooler one so I’m gonna go with that.
  14. thePlinko

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    Sure, as long as you’re fine with living with the constant threat of global annihilation by celestial being.:D I would love to live in windfall. Sure it’s not as big as clock town, which is a close second, but you can’t beat that view of the occean. skyloft is another close contender for the...
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    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    The wizrobes in Majoras Mask aren’t necessarily annoying to fight, but they show up all the dang time. That’s honestly the worst part of the entire game, which says a lot about how nearly perfect the game is otherwise. Any enemy that chases you around for an extended period of time. Phantos...
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