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  • I've never seen any of the Saw movies... and nor do I want to. :lol:
    Broken doesn't really follow a very specific storyline... it's mostly just the video for Pinion, followed by some guy getting kidnapped and then tied down and forced to watch the video for Wish, and then the video for Help Me I Am In Hell, which is a really weird video... That's folowed by the Hapiness in Slavery video... which is... wow... And then that's followed by the guy who was kidnapped earlier being killed in a horrible, awful way, all played to the song Gave Up. That's considered one of the two videos to Gave Up, while the other was just a performance video, like Wish.

    It's only 22:22 long, so it's not too bad, but I can't and won't recommend it to anyone... the only reason I found it interesting in the slightest was because Trent actually made it, and because it was set to Broken (which is an awesome EP, by the way).
    I had a huuuuge obsession back when I started with the series! I was beaming all the time: "KAKASHIII-SENSEIIIII~~♥o^3^o!! KAWAII DESUDESU!!!", but I'm not that big of a fangirl anymore, but I still have a soft spot for him:)<3
    Have you ever seen the Broken movie? Oh gosh... if you haven't, don't.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I meant the movie based on the Broken EP. The movie was made by Trent and some other guy but was never officially released due to its EXTREMELY graphic and gruesome content. It's only about 20 minutes long and is set to the music of Broken, just without Last and the two bonus tracks.
    With my SHARINGAN ;)!
    And Kakashi's one of my favourite characters as well! He's strong, intelligent, cool, and really dropdead handsome as well! But to choose the absolute favourite... It's really difficult but maybe Pain? Or Suigetsu? It's a tie between those two.
    I'm about halfway through Okamiden right now (that's just a guess, I don't actually know how much is left) and I'm enjoying it so far. It's a pretty good game for the ds, so I'd recommend it. It's not anywhere near on the same level as Okami, mind you, but it's still fine on its own merits.

    Looking into what Capcom had to do to get Okami on the Wii I'm frankly amazed. The subcompany that originally made it closed down and all the files were lost, son instead of doing a simple port they actually had to recreate the game from scratch! They did a really good job at it too IMO, but I heard there was a sort of papyrus filter on the ps2 version that didn't make it over to the Wii version. Not really a loss IMO though, everything is so much brighter here.
    Eh, I don't own a PS3, sorry. I play it on the Wii. But the PS3 version does look very pretty. Not sure about the controls though, the celestial brush seems way less intuitive in the PlayStation version than in the Wii version.
    That's a cool avatar you have there;)! I think that Kakashi's your favourite Naruto- character, no?:)
    Personally the art style is my absolute favorite out of all vodeogames. I can take any stillshot from any part of the game and post it on my wall, it's so gorgeous. And its story is among my absolute favorites as well (tied with Chrono Trigger and FF6). The music is astounding, the gaeplay is so intuitive... I can wax poetic about Okami all day. And Lechku & Nechku really are my favorite bosses, that's why Lechku's my avatar. Classy British mechanical owls with top hats, mustaches, monocles and canes, can't top that!
    Hmm... I'm not sure what I think about HTDA, to be honest. I've heard the first few songs from their first EP, and I thought they were fairly good musically, but they really lacked the complexity that NIN could do oh so well. Aside of the musical side of things, I really am not a huge fan of Mariqueen's vocals, to be honest. They work at times, and they're passable at others, but I definitely prefer Trent's. :D
    As far as this particular song goes, it sounds like Trent took a leftover beat that didn't make the cut for either Year Zero or The Slip, and had Mariqueen layer some vocals over it. It kind-of bored me, overall.
    I'm on Give Up The Ghost right now... it's a bit repetitive, but Radiohead can actually pull off repetition, and do it well.
    It is! I'm on Codex right now... I'm loving every bit of it.
    It feels a bit like a successor to the Kid A/Amnesiac duo.
    It's ironic though, because I have the Amnesiac artwork as my phone's desktop background. :xd:
    Darn it. Well, I'll get that one next. I had a $15 gift card for Target, and I spent it on The King of Limbs. :P I had to decide between that and Muse's new album, but I decided on Radiohead, since you can never go wrong with them. :lol:

    Oh, and with the N, I just copypasted it from Wikipedia. :P
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