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  • i havent liked any of the footage so far but im going to see it on wednesday so..

    i dont want my SH to be cheesy, and i was never hot on SH3 to start with and yeah Clockwork guy is an odd choice to play a character that we only ever saw as a monster...
    Yeah, my entire world collapsed momentarily :cry:, haha, but yeah MOMENTARILY only. I was all like: "NOOO KAKASHIIII, WHYYY??!!", and ofcourse, I crying like mad. But when he was 'resurrected', my mood went from this :kawaii: to this :D<3
    Along with the first mortal kombat film i think that the Silent Hill film was one of the best adaptations of a video game to a movie ever. I also love Sean Bean =]
    Akira's songs will be in the second film too. Since he stepped down from making music for Capcom he refused to do any new music for SH:R so we'll have the same stuff. But as far as the writer/director goes, if you didn't like the first film this one is already worse just on account of the talent involved, because that writer director, has none.
    There's a guy on YouTube I think you should watch. His channel is called A Dose of Buckley. He's basically this guy who goes on rants about numerous things... and I agree with most of his opinions.
    What did Tosh say about Radiohead?
    You've most likely never seen Broken. Most haven't. It was never officially released, but Trent did leak a few that got massively bootlegged back in the day, and it was released on the internet about 5 or 6 years ago. I saw it on the internet, a couple of days ago.
    Haha yeah... Katy Perry is one of the main reasons I hate popular culture. She makes a meaningful uplifting song (I.e. Firework), and then blows it all by making a song demonstrating how immature and irresponsible she is (I.e. Last Friday Night). *face palms*
    The video for Wish was okay, the video for Gave up was a performance video like Wish, last didn't have a video, and neither did the bonus tracks. Broken was basically Happiness in Slavery on crack, except it looks more like a snuff film than whatever the hell Happiness in Slavery was.
    And I though the Closer video was weird enough... and then I saw Broken. I'm sure a lot of people were creeper out by the Happiness in Slavery video when it came out, but Trent put it best when he said "Broken makes Happiness in Slavery look like a Disney movie". XD
    I think he was just generally PO'd, ans that was another step towards trying to destroy the image he set for himself (synthpop).
    As for the Beats thing... really Trent? I mean, I'd like to see what he does with this, but I'd figure he'd be smart enough to not buy into something like this. What happened to his "I can do whatever the heck I want and nobody can tell me otherwise! I want to be completely independent!" thing? *sighs*
    i havent seen take 2 yet but any Liam Neeson is usually good Liam Neeson =]

    As for SH:R, i'm dreading it, i hate the people in it, the director/writer is a ****ing moron and can't make decent films to save his life, the trailer and comic con footage look bloody awful too, it makes me want to weep so far. i guess we'll see with that one though. If you see it let me know =]
    i think you will enjoy this :P

    Photoshop Request - The Troll Is Strong In This One - Damn! LOL
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