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  • I could also freeze it, soak it, hit with with rocks, or shock it. All the elements are at my command.
    I suggest you loop your inactive module background, the one below your profile picture. It would aesthetically brighten up your page.
    I used Google to search "how to customise the start button on windows 7" and came across this program. I'm sure there are other similar programs, but I can guarantee this one works. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask.
    Ghost in the Shell: 2nd gig. I can't get into this show, i just cant. I loved the original though.
    There is a prequel show? :O What's it called?
    You have an awesome sig. Did you or someone here make that, or did you find it online?
    I recall making a blog similar to your own slightly over a year ago.
    What is an "Established Member" here anyway? - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network
    At that time the entire circle that is mentioned were just ordinary members and there was a totally different group in the staff. These things change over time and within a year another group that are ordinary members now will most likely be staff.
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