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    what? I still like to view the posts and stuff
    thanks ummmm id like it to have link bowing down to gannon and it saying legendary on it with my name can you do that?
    ill give credit to you obviously...
    Haha alright awesome man thanks! Yeah I was actually wondering about the title thing... I'll have to go back and change that if I remember haha. I must've skipped over the box where you name the video, thanks for pointing that out haha

    I've actually never played OoX even though I'd really like to. I just finished MC which I thought was pretty cool... the only problem I have with doing a game like Zelda that I haven't played before is that I get stuck REALLY easy and I wouldn't want to bore people with my running around aimlessly haha. I didn't really have a whole lot of favorites growing up, and I totally know what you mean about getting better commentary that way. The only games I can think of are MM and OoT, but those are tricky to start with since they've been done so often. I'd also like to save those for later when I have more subscribers, cuz I'd love to be able to do like challenges that they post for me or something like that, and Zelda games are great for having a variety of ways to go through them. Thanks for the input!
    Heyy man So I'm finally starting up here.. well kind of. I've got an introduction video up and I'm right now just in the process of deciding on a game to play.. Here 's a link to my channel
    If you have any ideas for a game to start with let me know! Also if you have a Youtube channel let me know too I'll check it out
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