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  • XD no you sound like me when i didint know mutch about ST XD its ok... watch first contact and tell me what you think (and the first ST movie)
    That make sense but not everything had to be in real thought, if you agree with it and then say it short I don't think its wrong. I did some real thoughts sometimes they are just short.
    What do you mean by passing? You know this thing made me had to type thirty characters in order to send I can't even make it short why is that?
    V is awesome. :3 I want one of those masks...or the whole costume. :)

    Also, I didnt plagiarize it! :O I posted a link to the video in the shoutbox, then I had to beat MC to posting it, so I forgot the vid link. >_<
    Hey hey, what's up? Having fun skiing? :D
    thanks, this forums a tad more complicated than what I'm used to but its nice. the groups and albums, wow there's a lot of stuff here!:)
    if you don't mind my asking I saw a group or whatever dedicated to "zelda hackers" and saw that it was closed for inactivity. Are there any topics or anything about that stuff here yet?
    Q is probably my favorite character, either him or Picard. Anyway my fav. episodes are...bets of both worlds or Darmok or Thine Own Self. (I can never decide) I also really liked Tapestry or True Q too.

    btw, am I supposed to post this here or on my main page or does it matter?
    yeah, I guess i watched pretty much all of them except Deep Space 9. I only saw a few of those. I like Enterprise a lot probably for it's awkward humor sometimes and T'Pol. TNG is my favorite by far though. I like the original movies best however (of the movies I mean).
    whats your favorite episode?
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