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    Spoiler Goddess of the Sand: Who is She?

    I thinke the goddess of the sand is more a guardian deity like Jabu-Jabu or the great deku tree. I think she can't be Din because her Oracle is the Oracle of the seasons and a desert is the place where you don't even notice seasons exist. Din and Desert don't really match :lol: By the way has...
  2. TheGermanLegend

    Explaining The Arbiter's Ground

    If also noticed in OoT there is a giant mirror in the spirit temple (u can see it here :Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Walkthrough 13 (8/9) "Spirit Temple: Future, Part 2" - YouTube about 5 minutes and 45 seconds) that doesn't appear anywhere else in the game. It looks incredibly similar to the...
  3. TheGermanLegend

    Spoiler Majora's Mask What I Think Happened

    If it was a dream during his 7 year sleep he could only dream about people he knows. But in Termina he also meets the poe-guy from Castle Town, the Poe Sisters from the Forrest Temple, Naboorus second-in-command and other people he only meet as aduld-Link in OoT
  4. TheGermanLegend

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    As I said I don't think that FSA-Phantom Ganon and OoT- Phantom Ganon are the same being. They do not look anything alike. Just like all the Gohmas, I think they are all diffrent. Vaati was born as a minish but turned into a powerful human sorcerer and was even able to participate in a hylian...
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    Spoiler But They're Little....Zelda And Link:Love in Ways You Dont Think.

    I would add TMC and ST, but other than that i didn't notice any romance between them.
  6. TheGermanLegend

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    I'm sorry if I missed something, but I can't remember Ganon saying that PG is just his shadow. Do you have the quote? the timeline looks like this(I'll only show the parts important fpr this theory): ............................./OoT(Futur) MTC - FS - OoT(past)/MM - TP - FSA...
  7. TheGermanLegend

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    Vaati WAS a minish but after he has stolen the hat of Ezlo he became human/hylian or something like this. the king and the guards in TMC were able to see him and he even participated in a sword turnier.
  8. TheGermanLegend

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    Recently I thought much about the Historia timeline and noticed that Vaati was sealed with the Four Sword befor the splits, but only freed and finally killed in the child timeline. So I wonderd why he doesn't appear in the adult and hero defeated timeline. In the GBA remake of ALttP we can...
  9. TheGermanLegend

    Link's Grandmother?

    The problem I see, is that WW-Link never was chosen by the godesses to be the hero. He was a normal boy who just wanted to save his sister. That's also the reason why he has to prove himself worthy to wield the master sword unlike any other Link.
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    Twilight Princess: Who Built the Snowpeak Ruins?

    Well I'm not even sure if snowpeak is part of Hyrule. It seams like the Royal family conquered a few regions around Hyrule between OoT and TP.(the people from the Ordon province are loyal to the royal family but Ordon Provinc is not seen as a part of Hyrule for example). So maybe the ruins were...
  11. TheGermanLegend

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Well, we need an explanation how the MS was removed from Ganons forhead, why the Rito evolved back into the Zora, how Ganon got the ToC and why did the Hyrule Royal family moved back from ST-Hyrule to old Hyrule.
  12. TheGermanLegend

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Not really. In FSA Hyrule is surrounded by water (that's why I placed it befor WW in my timeline) but some people don't think this matters that much
  13. TheGermanLegend

    Linear Timeline Theory

    Well, In OoX Hyrule is just a normal country. Labrynna and Holodrum are it's neighborhoodcountrys. (Or as I belive provinces of Hyrule just like Ordon in TP, because Labrynna had a own royal family in the past which isn't presented anywere in the present. So i think it became part of Hyrules...
  14. TheGermanLegend

    Linear Timeline Theory

    In WW the ToC is hidden in 8 treasur chests under the sea, the ToP is with Ganon, the ToW with Tetra=Zelda about the OoT-TP-LttP-WW-Problem. The ToP should remain with Ganon (2.0) the whole time. But I think I have an thoery that you could include in yours. In LttP Ganon creats a bunshin, a...
  15. TheGermanLegend

    Yet Another Timeline Theory

    How does putting FS/FSA after OoT create theTwinrova problem? She's not presented in FS/FSA? After SS, the Triforce was sealed in the sacred Realm, and remaind there until OoT. If you, like me, belive that SS-Gaepora and OoT-Kaepora Gaebora are the same, the sealing must happen rather quick...
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