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  • Hello, TheGermanLegend. Nice profile picture. Seems you can speak the German language as well. Happy Birthday!
    Hay, I'v seen your work with the Zelda Time-Line and I'd like to invite you to my group "The TRUE Time-Line". I have a lack of will in the group and I need someone to liven things up a bit. If you join I think the group will realy get of the ground and fly. all thats in the group are the rules and my time-line, the only mebers are myself and 5 others. I need your help to find the true time-line and be more than the average joe. So? What do you say???:nod:
    Ach das macht doch gar nichts. Du schreibst dafür besser deutsch als manche Leute deren komplette Familie Deutsch ist ;D

    Schön das mir endlich mal ein Landsmann zurück schreibt. Dachte schon ich werde ignoriert von den eigenen Leuten ;D
    Hmm. Ill go see the picture. Fishing is a little hard in the 3DS. I almost caught the big fish. It was really close to me. But it went away.
    I do like the controls and changes. Everything looks amazing. The items you get are pop out. Love it! I think the 3DS changed modern 3D.
    I have played Mario Kart for SNES, 64, GBA, DS, and Wii. Normal. I'll do MQ when I'm finished with normal.
    Luigi's Mansion 2 is coming also. Have you played that game? I reserved Mario Kart. I just finished The Fire Temple.
    No I mean maybe you could reserve another 3D game. Like Star Fox, Super Mario, Mario kart, or Paper Mario.
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