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  • To get the Light Arrows After beating the first boss & gotten the Gust Jar perform the Fusion with the guy in the house below the Post Office. The fusion will create a wrap. Go into the wrap & you will be in a house go upstairs & into the room with the sick man. Go to the bottom of the bed & use the Gust Jar on the ghost. Make sure you move left & right while using it, or the ghost will go away. If you did it right the ghost is in the Gust Jar. Now talk to both of the people & exit using the wrap. Get far into the game to where you can enter the house without using the wrap. Talk to the guy on the 2nd Floor and he will give you Light Arrows. Take them out & hold the button to let them charge then release. They can break pots and are more powerful.

    PS: If you didn't use the Gust Jar on the old man's ghost before entering the house without using the wrap he is dead. So you will have no way of getting them now.
    Yes I would I like the 3DS and I love how they are remaking old N64 game like star fox 64 and OOT
    I'm sorry to hear that. :( There'll be other streams sometime in the future, I'm sure, so I bet you'll have another opportunity. ^^
    I don't really think so, personally. I would LOVE it if they did, but I'm just not seeing it as likely. I think this OoT thing is going to be the only one, although I've been wrong before.

    Skyward Sword as revolutionary as Ocarina of Time? Hm... I dunno. All that I see that's brand new is the Motion Controls, and that's not as big a jump as 2D to 3D was, but meh, maybe that's just my opinion.

    Oh, haha, that's interesting. Is that your Youtube channel or...?

    Ah, I've actually never seen Legend of Neil. I've been meaning to, but... :hmm:
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