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  1. The True Red Link

    Where is your hype level for Link's Awakening on Switch?

    You ask what Vegitas scouter says about my "hype"? It's over NINE THOOOOUUUUUSAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!
  2. The True Red Link

    Will the Remake change alot?

    Only thing we all know from the trailer is that it's getting a visual upgrade. Other than that, I just hope some audio files are tweaked to be easier on the ears, especially the one tune that I grew up loving as a kid. Stairs at "The Ballad of the Windfish" Major changes though, I doubt they'll...
  3. The True Red Link

    Ultimate Your saved rulesets

    Killjoys Training Stock: 5 Time Limit: Unlimited FS Meter: Off Spirits: Off CPU Lv.: 9 Damage Handicap: Off Items: Off
  4. The True Red Link

    What new content are you expecting in Link's Awakening Remake?

    I'd forgot about those. They were online battles right?
  5. The True Red Link

    What new content are you expecting in Link's Awakening Remake?

    Are you expecting Link's Awakening on Swith to have any new content? Link's Awakening DX added a new dungeon to make use of the colour of the GameBoy Color, but what do you think LA on Switch will add to the game? Master Quest mode? Multiplayer? New sidequests or dungeons? Or will nothing...
  6. The True Red Link

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Well, I will go full force Link on Isabelle then. :P
  7. The True Red Link

    I had a good day yesterday!

    I had a good day yesterday!
  8. The True Red Link

    The Eggs Thread

    fried eggs with runny yolks, scrambled with ketchup, Onlets with a few things thrown into the batch before cooking, and boiled with salt.
  9. The True Red Link

    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Recently went through some side quests and up to level 8 or 9 on the Trial of the Sword.
  10. The True Red Link

    Which one is the best? Zelda Oot or Zelda Mm?

    I'm actually split 50/50 on this. OoT had more dungeons and an unlimited amount of time to run around and do them while MM had more side quests which had set times and needed specific items at specific parts of it to progress in the side quest or had to complete an entirely different side quest...
  11. The True Red Link

    Do you customise your controls?

    On Guild Wars 2, I tend to edit key binds when something comes up that requires such, EG Path of Fire came out with mounts being a thing in which I bound the mounts to the arrow keys, which the original bind, along side WASD, was for movement/camera. As for other games I only edit the camera...
  12. The True Red Link

    Do you wipe sitting down or standing up?

    Here I was thinking Facebook was the place to go so I could see some weird **** on the internet. To answer the question though, As far as I know, Ive grown up wiping my butt sitting.
  13. The True Red Link

    Lerulin Village Gambling Easy

    To fair, I personally doubt it's full proof. As mentioned, I have still lost some rounds, more or less the same amount, despite using this strategy. as for slowling, i tried it and didn't care for it.
  14. The True Red Link

    1000 Ways to Die

    This didn't happen to me but someone else. So, they were on Eventide Island and it was thundering. They happened to be near a powder keg and lightning struck it blasting him off of the cliff killing him.
  15. The True Red Link

    Lerulin Village Gambling Easy

    I've seen on another site that aside from the save pick and win, reload on a loss, you can also tell which of the chests is the winner is by the gold rim of the chest. Only one of them will have the whole rim completely shiny while the other two will have a side, both being the exact same side...
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