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    Digital or Physical?

    The US might be that way soon too. Alot of ISP's are trying to move towards capped bandwidth limits. Its done mostly to compete with the likes of netflix, but downloading a 50 gig game for a ps4 or xbox 1? That'll eat your internet up very quickly combined if you want to still watch streaming...
  2. The Jade Fist

    Digital or Physical?

    Physical most of the times. 1. like on the eshop, they think they can charge me full price for a digital copy?! no thank you. There is no value. I know it, they know it. They don't have to go thru printing, shiping, and splitting the price with the retailers. I'm aware of the money they...
  3. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Hero 3 Heart Run Success

    Its about the same when you die in one hit anyways, the minimalist though...
  4. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Hero Mode Minimalist No Hit...

    Does your minimalist imply no bottles and only rented items? Or just simply can buy, but no upgraded items? Because farming for cash each time you die can get annoying. Also I feel your pain on the keese, the path to Ice Ruins got me so many times because of them bats on the moving platforms...
  5. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Hero 3 Heart Run Success

    So I did it. Death Count 27 (according to the game, but i'll throw on an extra 10 for the times I was too lazy to go restock, and figured just quiting and reloading was faster) So now that I've completed this i'll be spamming this section a little less. Anyways, I have to say it was a...
  6. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds I Beat the Ice Ruins

    It really did, now i'm done with all 7 dungeons and Lorule Palace, all I gota do is the final battle, after Arrow.. if its new.
  7. The Jade Fist

    So...Why Are The PS4 And Xbox One Doing Very Well?

    Dude darkest, I can't attest to what ads you have or haven't seen, but you're wrong. I'm not trying to be a dbag. Both other consoles have had way better marketing. That goes beyond just simply having ads. That goes into public events, internet ads, making sure the purchasing audience...
  8. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Dark Palace 2F

    Its a person, with his arms up, just look at the map, you can see his beard and everything.
  9. The Jade Fist

    General Zelda Dungeon Map And Compass

    Ya well its why I did a 4 heart a challenge in TP... I think ALBW does this special prizes in the dungeons a little better, as in they are all optional upgrades.
  10. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds *MAJOR SPOILERS* What Do You Think About the Ending?

    One complaint and question actually, did Yuga intend to betray Hilda? Was it their plan the whole time, or was it because they were fused with Ganon, that his more treacherous nature got the better of Yuga. The complaint is, why is there always an ending with betrayal twists. I get it they are...
  11. The Jade Fist

    So...Why Are The PS4 And Xbox One Doing Very Well?

    Because there wasn't. There have been advertisements for the WII U only very recently. You can't count gaming and electronic related places. Compared to the WII, there was a crap load of advertisement and on regular TV, places where most people would see them. The PS4 has had Greatness Awaits...
  12. The Jade Fist

    So...Why Are The PS4 And Xbox One Doing Very Well?

    No one was aware of the WII U before it came out. It was like oh we'll be releasing a new console soon.... 4 months later, wait that came out? The fact the very first WII U commercials I've seen have just been in the past few weeks. Simply the WII U was a marketing failure and a half. No...
  13. The Jade Fist

    General Zelda Dungeon Map And Compass

    I personally didn't like the heart pieces in dungeons for a bit of an odd reason. I didn't want to grab the heart pieces by accident, and combined with putting all the ruppees back into the chest, I could never remember/ keep track of what chest I need to avoid. Now as much as I liked having...
  14. The Jade Fist

    The Legend of Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 79!

    Ya there was too much bombing of random walls, and burning of bushes, simply because you were 1 block away you leave thinking it must have been another spot... Thats why its definitely not my favorite zelda game. Zelda 2 was much better in regards to the just randomly trying to find things, as...
  15. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Semi Spoilers: Hard Mode Boss Guide

    Updating now as I go. I haven't given ALBW as much of my attention for my challenge run as I did the first run, so this might be slow going. Dark World: Ice Ruins, Eye ball on the rocks: So this battle has 2 real things you need to pay attention to. 1. When he shoots his protective...
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