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    Which Console Do You Think Had the Best Zelda Games on It.

    I would say the GameCube. Since it not only has TP and the lovely WW but also OoT, OoT:MQ and Majora's Mask... Doesn't that in some way make it superior to the N64?
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    Kakariko Village?

    In TP it felt so... deserted. =( Also, I still love the music from Kakariko village from OoT. And Kakariko may be derived from cocorico what in some languages indeed mean the sound of a crow (or a rooster I believe). But since it's written in the Japanese way as Kakariko, I simply pronounce it...
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    POLL: Hena (the Fishing Hole Girl) or Iza (the Canoe Girl)

    Iza´s afro is way too cool, but I would still choose Hena. It´s funny how she can get mad at you and she seems like a really nice person. :)
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    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    It´s especially painful when your game freezes while you´re trying to beat the game in three days... D: I still want to try to accomplish that goal someday... But just the thought of it freezing somewhere in the middle scares me. x.x
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    I first thought she just looked young... But apparently she is really just 10 years old... Maybe both her parents died and left her with a huge sum of money and now she sees these bugs as her family? Dunno. Do know that I like her as a character. :)
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    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    No, that warning was about sound irregularity thanks to converting the game to the GC. ;)
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    Do You Replay Zelda Games?

    I really hope your game won't freeze... D: I do play games again when I haven't gotten the 100% on my first try... With Zelda however, I'll play them again even if I got a 100% on the first try. They're just too awesome~! <3
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    Epona Vs Train!

    Is there any competition here? Epona without a doubt. She gives you the freedom to ride wherever you want to ride. :)
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    The Zelda Game of Your Dreams

    A console game where the three goddesses get more attention. :) If they did that, I would be very happy. ^^ Ah, and much, much more people in the game! :D (Where you can actually talk with, not like with the town in TP.) And another appearance of the Gerudo tribe!
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    Did You Think Link's Name Was Zelda?

    A friend told me about Link before I even knew how his game was called... So no. :)
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    WW-Wii U Should They Do Another Cel Shaded Game?

    As long as it doesn't resemble the Wind Waker too much... And they can come up with something fresh and original... I would say "yes"! :)
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    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    I like the time between the dungeons more than the dungeons themselves... So less is better I guess, as long as that means the game between the dungeons is getting longer.
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    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    I think I was 13 or 14... Probably 13. I had just bought my GameCube and WW and OoT were included. Started with OoT. :)
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    WW-Wii U Do You Play the Wind Waker on the Gamecube or Wii?

    I love my GameCube far more than my Wii... So when I've got a GC disc, it will always go into my GameCube. So yes, I still do play WW on my GameCube. :)
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    What Item.

    A :bottle: of Lon Lon Milk. ... ...what? ... I just <3 milk. ^^
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