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    Youtube Accounts

    My channel! I primarily upload compositions I've made. :D
  2. tehmuffinmon


    Actually using jealousy can sometimes be the only thing you can do. xD Some girls, like the one I'm interested in, sometimes don't like to make their feelings perfectly clear and close themselves off when you try and talk to them about it. Believe me, I tried talking to her on more than one...
  3. tehmuffinmon

    You as the opposite sex

    I dressed up as a woman for Halloween last year...*looks around awkwardly and clears throat* So I already have a pretty good iddea of what I'd look like as a woman. That being said, if I was a woman for real... I'd have slightly lighter brown hair, same eye color (greenish-yellowish), big lips...
  4. tehmuffinmon

    Imma Be in Nintendo Power Magazine!

    That's awesome! Congrats, man, great job! :)
  5. tehmuffinmon

    In General, What Kind of Music Do You Listen To?

    My dream job is to make music for video games; as such, a lot of what I list to are video game soundtracks. :P I'm also a huge fan of OCremix. Other than that, I mostly listen to dubstep, jazz, and instrumental music.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, ZH. : / I'm in a bit of a situation, haha. (prepare for a looooong read. @[email protected]) There's a girl I've been good friends with for almost a year; over the course of the summer, we started becoming a bit more to each other. It started when her boyfriend dumped her out of...
  7. tehmuffinmon

    Zelda Art Song Of Storms ~ Jazzy Piano Version

    Unfortunately, no. I'm essentially ear-trained and I don't really have a solid grasp of actual music theory/notation. : / But if I find a means by which to somehow transcribe the music into sheet music within my program, certainly! And thank you, I appreciate it! :D
  8. tehmuffinmon

    The Video Thread

    Haha, well, alright. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNEFw-iq9D4&feature=channel_video_title
  9. tehmuffinmon

    Weird/embarrasing Thing You Like to Do?

    My hair gets messed up really easily, and I carry a comb in my pocket whenever I go out. I feel like that's a weird thing for a guy to do. xD I do the bathroom-mirror thing as well, Wolf Sage! Haha, sometimes I'm just like, "I wonder what the most messed-up expression I can have looks like..."...
  10. tehmuffinmon

    Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance TGS 2011 Homepage!

    I am pretty excited, but at the same time, I can't help but feel a little let down once again. I loved BbS because there were new worlds to play and it delved into the origins of many of the characters/concepts of the series, but too often the side-games end up re-hashing old worlds without...
  11. tehmuffinmon

    What Do You Do when You're Depressed?

    When I'm depressed, I typically feel a lot better when I vent to friends. Getting whatever it is I'm thinking about off my mind helps me put things in perspective. :D
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    LinkLover, I won't say I agree 100% with your stance on love/hate, but you do make an interesting point. It's really all subjective, but there's a fine line between love/hate; however, there's a similar line between love and any other emotion. I think anyone who's experienced it first hand knows...
  13. tehmuffinmon

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    I think a sequel would be cool, but at the same time, I can't help but think it just wouldn't be the same. For some reason I doubt Nintendo would go down the path of Majora's Mask these days. It might be too dark thematically, and they haven't really tried branching Zelda out as much as they...
  14. tehmuffinmon

    General Art The Real Gerudogirl Art Thread

    Nice! :D If you want more requests, how about Skull Kid from MM? :)
  15. tehmuffinmon

    Which is Better: Harry Potter or Twilight?

    In my opinion, Harry Potter is far, far better than Twilight. :O
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