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  • SHE is doing a signature for me RIGHT NOW!!! It will be awesome! Post one thing on all the discussions PLEASE!
    Whew, Back home. I'm All done with my summer job and I'm going to take the cash I earned and get a 3DS!
    Your sig is done! I posted it in my graphics thread. Tell me if you want anything changed!
    So, you just want the avatar, but stretched out in the form of a signature with added text? I can do that. You can expect it soon. Thank you for requesting!
    Hey there! Thanks for posting on my graphics thread...again ;) but do you mind specifying your request for me?

    "Hey! I just got an Idea! Sorry if I'm bothering you more. Could you make my avatar larger and Place it in the middle of the pic for a Signature? And then on the left put the words : Triforce Guardian" and on the right of it : Tecknokid900? If you could I would be really grateful! Thanks."

    It's a bit hard to understand. If you can, could you post your request on this form below? Thanks!

    Signature or Avatar:
    Character or Object: (What you want as the main picture)
    Colors or Background: (If you want a specific color or background)
    Text and Font (optional):
    Additional details (optional): (Any special effects you want me to add)
    Hey Tecknokid! Have a nice time at summer camp~! ^^ We'll be waiting for you to come back~! :)
    Ahahahaa!!! It actually took me a good minute of staring to see what you did there...but then I saw it! xD
    ___ :zelda: __________ :ganondorf:
    :bow:--/\--:eek:carina: ___ :eek:ctorok:-- O -- :sword:
    ___ /_\ ___________ / \

    ....Don't ask me what Ganondorf's doing with the Octorok. :suspicious:
    (He's so hungry, he's going to eat it! :P)
    Oh, and I think with the pics, you have to post like this:

    :sword: :shield: :boomerang: :bow:
    (I disabled smilies so you could see the code)

    Sadly, I don't think there's one for the Hookshot....there deserves to be though! ;) Hookshot = Awesome :D
    Wooohooo so I get a shield, a sword, a spear, AND the Hookshot?? Awright yeahh!!! :P

    (Though not sure where the spear came from :bleh: Maybe stolen off a Hylian Guard? Those guys are pretty useless anyway XD)
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