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  1. T. Strudel

    James Bond

    Whenever I sneak into the kitchen for snacks the theme song plays in my head. Kinda weird seeing as I live alone.
  2. T. Strudel

    Why Aren't Temples Places For Worship?

    Death Mountain must have the most intense sermons of all time.
  3. T. Strudel

    Do you dance?

    Every day before bed
  4. T. Strudel

    Favourite Drink (general)

    battery acid
  5. T. Strudel

    How important is storytelling in a Zelda game?

    I like an in-depth narrative. Like DOOM
  6. T. Strudel

    Caption the Avatar Above You

    I hope you brought bombchus Cuz we're gonna rock
  7. T. Strudel

    Ears and Link's hometown in TP

    I don't even know why Hyruleans even HAVE ears. No one ever talks
  8. T. Strudel

    Ears and Link's hometown in TP

    Not if they're from California
  9. T. Strudel

    Ears and Link's hometown in TP

    When a boy rounded-ear person and a girl rounded-ear person really like each other they baby
  10. T. Strudel

    Good morning.

    Good morning.
  11. T. Strudel

    What's your "go to" game?

    The one with the water and the wind and the waking and the wind waking and bird mailmen
  12. T. Strudel

    3D Zelda: How often do you use the shield in combat?

    Shields are for cowards! Like ranged weapons and sunscreen!
  13. T. Strudel

    What is the Meaning Behind Your Username?

    I really like Chinese food
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