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    Hyrule Warriors: Best level for Hard Mode Skulltulas?

    I just finished Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition with all the Heart Pieces, Heart Containers and regular Gold Skulltulas collected. What level should my characters be so I can collect the Hard Mode Gold Skulltulas without any major frustrations?
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    Twilight Bow question

    I'm strongly considering getting this game now that I have a Switch. I've been looking at various guides and I have good idea which armors and melee weapons I want in certain areas and/or boss fights. There's one thing I'm not clear on though. I have a Zelda Amiibo, which I understand gives the...
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    The Legend of Zelda: Accursed Shield - A game concept

    Hyrule is invaded by Kyron, a technologically advanced nation from the north. Princess Zelda is taken prisoner and taken aboard the main airship by the leader of the invasion force, Viscount Vairaz. Link, Zelda's childhood friend, attempts a rescue only to be caught and thrown overboard. Link...
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