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  • good i meant instead of god i dont like the fifty character thing it makes it to where i have to chat long a 20 character thing would be better
    take it i dont know of any god riddles either than

    how do you know when a vampire likes baseball?
    Hey I was wondering if I can Me or Cel-Shaded Deku could take your turn on the Zelda Riddles Thread Cel-Shaded Deku did ask 1st if that makes a differance.
    Alar when you need help use my cucco horn part of my cucco army will help you and slowly kill your enemies but will sometimes run into you if you dont get inside
    ok i loved chuggaconroys videos and my favorite was pikmen so im waiting for him to do pikmen 2
    Cel-Shaded Deku wants you to make your Zelda Riddle if you don't want/ can't thin kof riddle reply back to Cel- Shaded not me saying he can take your turn.
    Hiya i wanna be friends with you , having a cucco as my friend will make me invincible to :) besides that i just recently looked at one of the threads that you commented on and realised that you like watching LP'S of Chuggaaconroy , and i love watching his playthroughs like Super Luigi Galaxy and Wind Waker :D

    PS, Could you edit your profile theme a bit because it is kinda hard to see some stuff:yes:
    yep cause my first walkthrough here was ocarina of time i loved it but one thing does anyone know why at dragon roost in the wind waker theres a block in the wall when you go to the backside and look up from the sand thing?
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