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Twilight Princess Sequel RP: The Light Invasion.

Nevel "Nebby" Leo
Age: 26
Race: Ordonian
Gender: Male
Weapon or Power:
A master Crossbowman, Nebby carries a high-accuracy long range Super Crossbow he designed himself, which he called "Longshot Lillie". ThisCrossbow has never failed him, and with it he can split a thrown pebble in half from approximately100 yards with a single shot. It's a powerful tool in his arsenal, and lets him stay at range to pick everything off as he needs to. It can fireapproximately 3 shots per Post, 1 if he's firing from a large distance. However, this crossbow is not the only weapon in his arsenal. To back up this, he has a large knife to defend himself with, but he isn'tperfect with it.
Nebby carries with him a piece of old Oocan Technology thrown out by the birds after its weaponized potential. This Oocan Technology is the Oocan Dispensable Defense System, or the ODDS. The ODDS, at its core, is a small cube that takes in shares of metal and recreates them into orbs. These orbs can be thrown out onto the ground to let them expand and unfold into a weaponized CrossbowSentry after 2 Posts. The Crossbow Sentry fires approximately 30 Crossbow Bolts per post, sacrificing the normal perfect accuracy for firing speed. There can only be 2 of these Crossbow Sentries out at a time, any others will cause the firstplaced to violently self-destruct. When Nebby holds the cube out to the Crossbow Sentry, it detects the cube and quickly unfolds and contracts back into a small orb for him to pick up and reuse once again. While it does appear to have infinite Crossbow Bolts, the Crossbow Sentry is a really fragile pieceof machinery that requires extensive backup to hold down an area.
Appearance: Nebby is a short man at 5'6", with short, scraggy brown hair and matching beardwhiskers. He wears a pair of worn-out leather overalls over a grey cloth shirt, a pair ofgeneralized adventuring boots clad upon his feet. With him, he wears a pair of tight-fit leather gloves on to better his grip upon his Crossbow. Covering his scraggy hair, a simple grey hat, much akin to the cowboy hats you see today, but the difference being it's shorter brim and less profound dip upon the top. He wears a simple leather belt around his waist, with which his sturdy leather satchel ofCrossbow Bolts and his knife sheath, with his knife, hangs. Upon his back is where Longshot Lillieresides when not in use, hanging by a second diagonal belt set over his shirt, but under hisoveralls. Within the pockets of his overalls, resides the ODDS.
Personality: A proud Ordonian at best, Nebby tries to keep his cool and stay out of trouble. While hedoesn't usually turn down lending a hand for aperson, it doesn't mean he'll work for who hethinks is "dead wrong" about their beliefs and the side they take. He knows how wrong the Lord ofLight is in what he thinks is best for the world, and he knows better than most that the world has two sides, just like a coin. He just hopes that with his Southern Accent he can get people to see that one side can't exist without the other.
As a young boy, Nevel Leo took up the practice his father left him before he left for good: Crossbow Usage. Nevel wasn't sure who or whattook his father away from him, besides the fact that his father left for the war when Zant took over all thattime ago. All he knows is that the event inspired him to succeed his father and become the greatestCrossbowman in Hyrule.
One night, when training his eyes to see better for nighttime shooting, Nevel saw a small meteorite of sorts head straight down from the sky into the nearby forest. As any curious young lad would, he investigated the matter to find a small cube within the moderate crater from the crash. This cube, after tinkering it for weeks on end in his spare time away from his mother, could absorb metals and then create small orbs after enough has been absorbed.
One faithful night he was messing with the orb tosee what it could do when it slipped from his hands like a bar of soap onto the floor. The orb stuckwhere it landed, and began unfolding into a small turret about 3' tall. In shock, he found anybody hecould to try and study the technology to see exactly what race could have built it. He was lucky to comeacross Shad deep in his studies in Kakariko, who quickly deduced the technology was Oocan, and with that they dubbed the machinery the OocanDisposable Defense System.
This was all right before the Lord of Light cameupon the land, and when Nebby figured out what was happening he packed up his equipment and set off to Kakariko, albeit a little slowly, to try and jointhe rebels there to take back Hyrule and finally succeed his father as the greatest Crossbowman in Hyrule.
Extra Notes: He has no need for a scope andconsiders them to be a waste of talent. He isprimarily Right Handed and prefers dogs over cats. He knows Shad quite well in the short time theyspent together. If Longshot Lillie breaks, he won't be happy. At all.

Note, I do not own Frontier Justice, as all rights to the music belong to its creator, Dapper Dog, and its handler, our good ol' Uncle Dane who's a very good Engie Main.

Edit: I forgot to mention he's a hunter. That explains the knife, which he uses for skinning kills.

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