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    Current Team

    X: all lv 69: chesnaught, pyroar, blastoise, hawlucha, florges lv 70: aurorus kangaskhan and aggron in daycare to prepare for after the e4 Y: original: greninja 77 blaziken 79 venusaur 81 aegislash 81 talonflame 81 tyrantrum 83 post e4: no greninja or blaziken scyther (soon scizor) 68 zygarde 76
  2. Subzerostupid

    What Do You Want to See in Future Games ?

    hg/ss did the best job IMO, so I'd like all of that added to a new region. one of the main things people talk about is choosing a starter region and eventually going throu all five. I also want to see a Pokemon on the wii u. a proper one, not colleseum style.
  3. Subzerostupid

    Spoiler Radical Possibility-Ghirahim and Dark Link Connected Somehow?

    I like your theory, but i must disagree. Firstly, in OoT, Dark Link is only, well, Dark LINK because the water creates a copy of whatever enters the room. This is backed up by the reflective water only found in this room and the fact that Link's reflection in it disappears after passing the...
  4. Subzerostupid

    General Classic If You Could Have Any Zelda Item in the Series What Would You Pick?

    hookshot from TP. too easy. If i'm allowed, then the double from SS (they look cooler, but you can't only get one). It feels so awesome!
  5. Subzerostupid

    On December 21st 2012

    It's not a 'stunt'. The Mayans believed the world would end on 21/12/12 and have made detailed descriptions on just what will happen so no-one can escape. However, they didn't include leap years so we're actually in 2013 by the Mayans' calendar, so the date has already passed. Anyway, given...
  6. Subzerostupid

    My Top 10 Moments. (From the Zelda Games I Have Actually Beaten)

    Lol. I must have died about that much too. My top moments are: 10. Ganon's death in LoZ. I hadn't properly played the original before i was fifteen and finally going back to this game and actually beating it made me really happy just to say i've beaten the one that started it all. 9. Yeto...
  7. Subzerostupid

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing Now?

    The ZD marathon actually got me really excited to replay many zelda games. I just finished ST for a second time, i'm just about to get the sky cannon repaired in my TP re-run and I'm already doing SS hero mode and LoZ 2nd quest anyway. Minish cap i sort of lost interest in, but i'll pick it up...
  8. Subzerostupid

    Twilight Princess Death Sword - What is It?

    hmmm. I knew it was very far-fetched. I always like the idea that demise's sword wasn't destroyed, but was warped away somewhere. Otherwise, yeah. I know I had no actual evidence, but hey. Anyway, I like your thinking, but I'm still trying to think what the entity of the sword's wielder actually...
  9. Subzerostupid

    Twilight Princess Death Sword - What is It?

    First, the reason i haven't put this in zelda theory is because it isn't really developed enough to be a theory in my opinion and it's more of a 'finding out what others think' deal. Now onto the actual post: Recently, i've been replaying twilight princess and just beat the arbiter's grounds...
  10. Subzerostupid

    2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up

    i really liked all the times when one of the guys on screen said/did something then the comments went crazy with zelda puns relating to the event. some of my favourites include: legend of epic beard guy: skyward sideburns legend of mases: afro to the past in other business, i totally agree with...
  11. Subzerostupid

    Training Strategy

    my strategy is pick a starter, then two more to fill in the starter types (sometimes i'll trade around for multiple starters) and a flying type. Then i fill the remaining gaps with two pokemon i think will give a good range of type advantage (on black it was excadrill and druddigon). I train the...
  12. Subzerostupid

    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    steven from R/S, because you meet him throughout the story and get to know him, and his personality is great.
  13. Subzerostupid

    What Does Your Team Comprise Of?

    i have a seperate team for each game, all now transferred to black or white except ones i am currently playing through. my first major team though, was on fire red: charizard, blastoise (river), venusaur, zapdos (sparky), articuno (ice age), moltres After the elite four, i decided to bump it up...
  14. Subzerostupid

    POKEMON: It Was All Just a Dream?

    i've seen this theory all over the place, but always as a joke, never anything this serious. Does anyone really care that Ash doesn't age? It's just a cartoon. One of my favourite joke theories on this is that he sucks the life force out of his companions, so that he can remain young forever.
  15. Subzerostupid

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    i like all the types, but bug is definitely my favourite. they have so much variation in secondary types (especially in the 5th gen.) and are very underrated i find. IRL, bug scare me so badly, i cannot be anywhere near them. If i see one, i run like hell. I have no idea why i love them so much...
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