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    Do you like BotW’s durability mechanic?

    It would have been cool if there were a lot fewer weapons but they lasted a lot longer. Maybe 3x durability, 3x less strong weapons to find (same numbers for weaker stuff) - I found that by the end of the game I was stacked with an entire inventory of Royals / Lynels, and 90% of the stuff was...
  2. Storm_Echo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm wondering what happened to the countless names at the start of this thread. Also wondering if I can find the energy to press forward with all my plans in life. I'm moving into a new place and there's plenty of new opportunity, but how hard will it be to realize? Only one way to find out I...
  3. Storm_Echo

    Spoiler Pokemon Presents

    I was concerned by the unreal engine-lookin trailer with 20 fps animations, too. I know it doesnt release until 2022 but I hope they push it back even a bit more, it looked ROUGH. Sinnoh remakes, on the other hand, look pretty good and I'm glad for a more "traditional" style coming back...
  4. Storm_Echo

    Spoiler Pokemon Presents

    I have two big takeaways here: One is that obviously the DP remakes are here, which excites me but after the unfinished state of Sword and Shield (which, to be fair, I've still dumped nearly 500 hours into so I did still enjoy them) I hesitate to get TOO hyped. However, it is being developed...
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    Back, back.... :D

    Back, back.... :D
  6. Storm_Echo

    Guess who's back! Back again! Stormy's back! Tell a friend!

    Guess who's back! Back again! Stormy's back! Tell a friend!
  7. Storm_Echo

    Interest in Reviving the Music Competition?

    Hmmmm... I have always wanted to dabble.... might have to brush off the old Audacity and Fruity Loops Studio (do those even still exist?) Anyways, point being I would be interested!
  8. Storm_Echo

    Storm Echo's Video and Content Post!

    Whew, OK, it's been a long time since I last posted here - I'm far overdue for an update! In the last 7 months, I have made a LOT of videos. In July, I rematched Fireblight Ganon in the Champions Ballad, did the same for Waterblight Ganon in "Mipha's Meticulous Masterpiece", before finishing...
  9. Storm_Echo

    Last person to post wins

    Solrock is the best
  10. Storm_Echo

    Favourite Starters of Each Gen

    Fire / Fighting all the way!
  11. Storm_Echo

    Echolight's art

    OH MY GOD THEY'RE AMAZING!!! I leave for 8 months and you've improved by what looks like 8 years! Now I need to binge the "Echolight Art" backlog :D
  12. Storm_Echo

    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Oh man, you're gonna love it! I've been covering that for my last several youtube videos, and it is such refreshing bonus on the main game, especially if you've played through multiple times. I just finished the Champion's Ballad stuff and got the Horse Bike for the first time, and it is CRAZY...
  13. Storm_Echo

    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I've recently finished the Champion's Ballad DLC and got Master Cycle Vah Epona! Next stop is the Trial of the Sword!! :D
  14. Storm_Echo

    The Blazing Black Dragon, Master of Elements, Alatreon!

    That's a sick build! I'm assuming health augmented Gae Bolg for mad regen while mount spamming? I ended up duoing it with a friend, he had a hilarious set of the Beotodus IG for ice and a Fire kinsect, he would kinsect-only on the Ice mode until we got the Eschaton break and then switch to...
  15. Storm_Echo

    The Blazing Black Dragon, Master of Elements, Alatreon!

    Reporting back in to say I've still loved this hunt, even only completing it successfully 1 time so far it's been an absolute riot and I've enjoyed having a reason to go back through my sets and re-orient to focus on elemental damage. Even with the literally dozens of failures, I've also...
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