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  • You know that I was just joking, right? There's nothing wrong with your Escalating Items thread, and your Vaati thread was a bit annoying, yes, but there's no rule saying you can't post it; some people are also big fans of Vaati,so... Also, your "Desktop" thread dupe is just a simple mistake... :yes:
    You're a funny guy SoR. I seriously almost wanna call you SoL, your names as in initials are so SIMILAR!! :xd:

    And sorry to hear that.
    I guess it's time I properly introduced myself and welcomed you. ^^

    Hullo there! I'm Keyari, the only Winged Elf on these forums, but you can call me Ki for short, if you like. ;) Welcome to the Forums! Have fun and make sure to read the rules.

    If you are in need of help, ask away.

    And no. I don't owe you 5 dollars.
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